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It's from last summer when it was becoming known that Soros was funding the "Summer of Love". I heard that he got behind and this video actually worked to get funds flowing again, but I cannot confirm.

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I hear you and agree with your original statement regarding the autonomy, or even sovereignty, of the family unit. I think where we disagree is the level of risk that we're referring to. The point of the OP is that if you, as a parent, do not yet recognize the existential threat of this highly orchestrated, thinning of the heard, death jab, then you are not fit to be a parent.

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The lie that it lessens severity is crumbling too. In time it will be know for what it really is. Either a crippling concoction or in many cases a death dose.

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I thought he was trolling too ie salt lick. My dad use to down a couple of packets of salt when he got too hot. Makes sense, but that guy seems a bit over the top.

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Terrified of a flu and calls everyone else a coward.

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He and my HS age son would get along great. He literally has not worn a mask once during the entire scamdemic. Hates them as much as I do and won't even associate with anyone who willingly wears them and will not go anywhere that requires them. But all 3 of mine have been home schooled from the start, so it has been easier for us to avoid.

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He is saying that R's are being hypocrites. They have all kinds of vax mandates for kids to get in school, but when Xiden mandates the clot shot "it's an outrage, it's an infringement on freedoms".

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Beat me to it. This is fake and gay due to be taken out of context like the common libtard does.

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It would LITERALLY be more effective than any measure taken thus far.

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Amazing compilation, OP, thank you for sharing this work! I have literally spent the entire day reading each and every one of these as well as many of the comments (congrats on the baby, btw).

I have a burning question that I have not found asked/answered. I read that you filter out what appear to be bots and shills, but I'm dying to know if you are also filtering out MAGA patriots suffering as well. These posts have given me comfort in seeing that they are all libtard zombies making dramatic exits from this realm. Are you seeing lots of our kind too?

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I'm old enough to remember liberals bitching about Big Corporations doing shit to get rich, at the expense of workers.

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The Centipede says: Hang them all!

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You literally have to abandon logic, common sense, and years of scientific advancement in order to play along in this charade. That so many people have bought into it is infinitely scarier than the people who designed it.

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Civil asset forfeiture is institutional tyranny. It makes my blood boil. It is literally a guilty until proven innocent practice that is antithetical to everything our Constitution stands for. In 2020-21, it's no surprise that it exists. But before that? It's beyond comprehension.

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Do tell. My cursory search reveals a patriot with big balls. Mother Jones throws the typical "anti-vaxxer", "right-wing attorney", "baseless claims" of xyz (ie truth). That alone is a patriot badge of honor.

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Fake news! It was no "blunder", it was meticulously planned by his masters. Until the alt media starts investigating why, they aren't going to expose truth any more than the MSM.

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