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Does anyone have a version of this with a transparent background instead of a white one? Would love to use it as an avatar.

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Just follow the video here:


The lady in the video shows you how to do it, easy-peasy. I'm not good at math either, but following her video, I was able to dose it just fine.

Each notch is 50 pounds. Let's say you weight 150 pounds. That would be 3 notches (50 pounds each).

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Thank you! Very helpful.

Sent this to a friend of mine that was looking for discord alternatives.

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Is it really just a shitpost, though? I mean that 4chan poster kind of had a point and even gave a medical citation source:


It's no more a shitpost than saying Ivermectin could help fight and possibly cure cancer. I probably could've worded the OP title better, but it fit with what the original post in the screenshot was about.

A better title might've been:

"What if all kinds of degeneracy were caused by parasites and Ivermectin is the cure?"

After all, parasites cause NEGATIVE changes in the brain, behavior and personally. The parasite is a puppetmaster after all.

I have a feeling that Ivermectin would fix a LOT of America's problems right now and you'd see a LOT less leftists and degenerates afterward.

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I agree.

The people we used to call conspiracy theorists are turning out, more and more, to have been right all along.

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Yeah, it's ridiculous how many things parasites can affect in our bodies.

I've had some form of GERD/Reflux and dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) for years that can't be treat by the usual/conventional GERD meds. After much research, I came to the conclusion that it could potentially be because of parasites, which is why those meds are rendered useless against what I have. Specifically the parasite Strongyloides.

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Why did it 'stop' abruptly at some point? Curious about that.

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It certainly is. Much like liberalism, leftism and communism.

Some parasites can cause certain mental disorders, so you never know.


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It probably isn't that simple, but you have to admit that it certainly explains a lot with all the degeneracy, corruption and etc.

Parasites can influence behaviors and personalities negatively until purged. Until you get rid of them, they remain your own personal puppet master in your own body.

Of course not everyone is infected with parasites. But to those who are or may be, this is certainly of interest.

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They way Ivermectin has been handled by the government, media, medical industry and the FDA is extremely disgraceful.

It is basically a miracle medicine for a multitude of things even outside of parasites, as you mentioned.

I'm not surprised it's often called a "wonder drug". It really is.

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That's fine. It's only a theory after all.

But parasites DO have a reputation for making its host do things they wouldn't normally ever do or act in ways they usually wouldn't.

Like I said in another comment:

"It does NOT excuse their SHITTY actions and behavior, however. But it definitely explains a LOT."

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I would post this on health.win as well to redpill more people on it so that they can seek treatment for it. I'll probably post the screencap I found there as well.

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An interesting read! Which drug is generally used to treat Toxoplasma Gondii? I ask because based on my research, it does not seem that Ivermectin is effective on this particular parasite. (Possibly because it's fungal in nature?)

Whatever kills that one, I want to take it. It could potentially be a cause of anxiety and some other health issues I've experienced.

Either way, parasites could almost explain MOST of the problems that we in America are experiencing with our government, "elites" and half our population in clown world.

It does NOT excuse their SHITTY actions and behavior, however. But it definitely explains a LOT.

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Obviously purely anecdotal and to be taken with a grain of salt. But is an interesting theory nonetheless.

To fix most countries' problems, you must first root out and eradicate degeneracy. What if parasites were the cause of other types of degeneracy as well? šŸ¤”