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I don't give a fuck about "moral superiority" in international relations. That's how you get retards convinced America needs to be involved in forever wars. If you can't think in "what is in America's interest" then you deserve to be thrown off the boat.

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The Constitution, specifically the bill of rights, is powerful as a treatise. An educational tool to outline for people what they should value in themselves and what they should fight tooth and nail to prevent infringement upon. It is not a self-enforcing document, it is not self-evident, and it is not secured through waving the paper it is written on at people.

Look at the constitution and ignore the word Democrat for a second.

We barely have a 1st amendment, it's holding on by its fingernails at this point and both parties are at the ledge stomping on its fingers.

The fourth, fifth, and sixth amendments effectively don't exist anymore, and that is thanks primarily to Republican, federalist society, corporate stooge judges. Scalia and Thomas have absolutely appalling records when it comes to due process rights, and it's now commie judges leisurely strolling down the garden paths created for them by Republicans to destroy Republicans.

See Alex Jones if you want to see the state of the seventh amendment.

See J6 if you want to see the state of the eight amendments--another gift primarily from "constitutional conservatives."

The ninth and tenth amendments have never existed. Their inclusion in the bill of rights is laughable at this point.

The ONLY reason the second amendment has any life in it at all is that the people believed it was actually a right and bore that into their souls as Americans.

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Marbury v madison will never be corrected. It's the foundation that the entire system of judicial fiat relies on. Asking the court to overrule it would be as effective to ask Biden to resign because he's destroying the country. You'd need a convention of states and a new constitutional amendment to correct it at this point.

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We need a President willing to purge the institutions from top to bottom. It'll be ugly and uncomfortable, but we've brought it on ourselves for more than a century of complacent sliding.

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Cornell law typically has the best versions of cases you can get. Before having access to the high priced subscription services law schools provide, and now that I no longer have access to them, Cornell was always my first stop.

But the basic rundown is this. Marbury v Madison was an employment controversy case where John Adams appointed a judge during his lame duck session before Jefferson took over and Jefferson refused to delivery the appointment papers (Marbury being the judge and James Madison being Secretary of State). Marbury asked SCOTUS to force Madison to deliver the papers, the court said, "We don't have the power," but Chief Justice John Marshall also said that "Oh, btw, we (SCOTUS) have the ultimate say in whether something is constitutional."

Not only was that not a question before the court, but it was also blatantly anti-constitutional. The system was supposed to be that if one branch violated the constitution, the other two branches would overrule them, and the states, ultimately, would overrule the federal government when the three branches agreed on something unconstitutional.

Before 1803, Article 3 was the law of the land. After 1803, Judicial Review was the law of the land, and the courts had the unilateral power to rewrite the constitution as they saw fit.

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The picture on the right is clearly edited to hell and back in post. The one on the left looks like a sissyboy in a wig.

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No, it's more like. . .

Republicans: that's outrageous. But you have a lot of good things in here giving us more war, so you have my vote for the budget.

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But it makes it's like cyalis to the boomercon.

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Just remember this whenever some subversive fuck tries to talk to you about "Judeo-Christian."

The western Christian let them introduce that poison into the lexicon 60 years ago, and we've been choking on it ever since.

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Elon gave 100 million to these people for the project.

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FFS it looks like an alien with a damp mop on its head.

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Right-wing donors want to buy influence, while left-wing donors want to buy elections. Retarded boomer faggots just want a DeSantis to stroke their dicks before their hearts give out while the country burns.

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It's nonsense. He's effectively a hall monitor. The only real authority he has outside of the capital building is if enough congress members vote to establish a quorum, and then he can forcibly bring congressmen to the house floor.

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It's funny to think he was praised just a year ago for being politically savvy. Going full establishment boomercon this past week is hands down the biggest self-destruction I've ever seen in a "promising" politician.

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Somebody tell them that both KFC and Popeyes were created by wypippo.

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It's an important lesson a lot of conservatives need to internalize. A large segment of the "based and red-pilled" crowd only exists because the left revoked their special boy status. Nothing changed other than they realized that they can get desperate cuckservatives to suck their dicks to show how 'inclusive' and 'progressive' the right is now that the left is done with them.

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Genuine question...when is the last time you saw a video on twitter (or anywhere else for that matter) of a group of white people or asian people violently attacking a black man? Or chimping out in a fast food joint or an airport? Or choking out a black kid on a bus? Or. . .

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