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First Corinthians 7:19 “For neither circumcision counts for anything nor uncircumcision, but keeping the commandments of God.”

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That’s in the old Testament. Jesus* said you don’t have to do it.


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Oh for sure. Fuckin’ hipsters.

Just ranting: There’s a difference between being creative as a musician or artist who actually has a vision, vs being someone who just wants the image or title of being deep/interesting/smart and virtue signal with articles like this. They waste a lot of time and money chasing that image, and none of them think for themselves.

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They think that the husbands involved in this are some POS trash couch potatoes saying “the wife belongs in the kitchen.” Quite the contrary; I know a lot of other families doing it and the men are the most respectful husbands to their wives.

My wife has adopted the “trad” lifestyle and it was her own decision to do so. I have told her many times I don’t expect her to cook for me and do my laundry - I grew up in a household where my mom and dad both cooked, cleaned, etc. I always see it as a team effort. But she insists she wants to at least try and do most of the cooking and be a stay at home mom. If she just isn’t feeling it, I’ll cook or do whatever I need to do.

It’s absurd that they think this is dangerous. Trad wife isn’t going to take away women’s rights. If anything, it means we are moving away from a culture that shames women into having a career, which would open opportunities for women who actually want it.

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I didn’t know about the commune. Do you have a good source I can reference for future use?

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It’s okay though because they’re saving a bunch of money by pressuring people with chronic illnesses into assisted suicide. You know, it’s for the greater good. We’re all in this together.

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Some smug know-it-all in the Twitter thread commented “you know we ship our trash to those countries on boats, right?” Anyone able to confirm or debunk this statement?

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Okay you go ahead and hate. But maybe you should direct that at the people coming after followers of Jesus rather than the ones that don’t do it your way.

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I held back on saying this because it seemed too obvious lol.

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That’s how I feel about it. I foresee growing tensions once he does away with the Latin Mass, even within the Latin community, which have already started, as people debate on how we move forward after that. The Latin mass is THE mass. It was never supposed to change. So, follow what the Pope says? Or attend mass at a parish that continues to celebrate the Extraordinary Form, supposedly not in communion with the Church? I mean, when it comes down to it, WE know what God wants, and it’s not to have mass with a rock band, people speaking in tongues, receiving the Eucharist in their dirty palms, or some other irreverent nonsense.

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It doesn’t have to do with this. I’m part of the Trad community and there is no such antisemitism being expressed, at least not here.

However, Compared to the Novus Ordo side of things, TLM is much more conservative and becoming increasingly skeptical of the decisions coming from the Vatican. The NO church is in many cases unrecognizable and taken over by liberals who are open to gay marriage and flexible on abortion, who would rather water the mass down to a praise and worship service (no offense to non-Catholics, I’m just saying that is not what a Catholic Mass was ever supposed to be).

I do not trust the current pope. There is no reason to want to remove the extraordinary form. None at all, unless you are trying to destroy the Church.

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But I would avoid all of the areas mentioned above. I hear Carnegie is not a bad place to live, and some other places on that side of town like Bridgeville.

My mom is originally from Coraopolis, which she has fond memories of, but that was in the 60s. I don’t know what it’s like now. She says Michael Keaton’s dad was her tax collector though. I guess he’s from the same area.

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Yeah, areas like Squirrel Hill and Shadyside are nice, but it’s just that - you go a couple of blocks over and it gets sketchy. Back in 2014ish my wife and I (somewhat hipster types at the time I hate to admit) moved into an apartment in Lawrenceville. It’s not that cool really. Also at one point my wife got a second job at the East Liberty Target, and she just couldn’t do it after a month. Too many incidents, too many weirdos.

Honestly, I love Pittsburgh but I feel a lot better living about 40 minutes outside of it.

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I’m in the Pittsburgh area. We don’t have it as bad as some other places, not a ton of racial tension, but there’s still crime in areas like East Liberty, Wilkinsburg, McKeesport, Braddock (the place Fetterman failed as mayor), and unfortunately now it’s making its way eastward to Monroeville. The famed Monroeville Mall (Dawn of the Dead) has had its share of brawls and shootings in the past few years.

Kennywood Park issued a similar policy recently for this exact reason. Inner city kids getting into fights and causing trouble. “Youths”.

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Yeah, no joke! It’s easy to assume the truth in some things. We live in a time when satire doesn’t even seem that far fetched anymore. The edited clip posted here is entirely believable.

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