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It’s says everything about a person if you can’t bring yourself to change Thorne fuckin batteries

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No American should have the balls to talk about allowing socialists to take over their government. We are no better than any other country in that regard. We are losing and losing bad. Even with a Trump win we are losing. Regardless of the outcome of the next election there are hundreds of socialists waiting in the wings to get right back to their agenda as soon as the smoke clears.

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Fuckin cunt thought she could steamroll him in the interview and got fucked instead. She probably has people letting her know what the sentiment is online. No time for evolving bitch. Get down or lay down.

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They have to keep the lie going so they can figure out a way to get the public to back a US war with Russia. They are a few years behind on this plan. It probably becomes out of reach if trump gets back in. A lot of these fucks are dying off.

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Well, the stress of having “literally hitler” walk into your courthouse might cause someone to shoot themselves.

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This doesn’t work in the real world I don’t know why they think it’s acceptable to do it on an official level. If I responded that way to my boss he would immediately just ask me the same question again.

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Let’s just be serious here. It would take 10 years and 20 Trumps to rid the system of the scum that’s currently controlling it. The goal is to win here just to shove it down their throats one more time but there isn’t a whole lot that’s going to change in that 4. They may law low for a while, some might go to jail, some might kill themselves, but in a short 4 years the rest will be right back where they were doing the same exact thing. We fear them, they don’t fear us.

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100%! If you’re making 70k a year and you’re on your own things are fuckin tight. Toss a kid or two into the mix and you’re holding on for dear life come pay week

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Name the last time anyone has had hell to pay for being deep state.

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I don’t think he realizes how much people hate the federal government. This is what more than half the country wants.

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