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In a normal world, the FTX scandal would be all over the news.

But crickets...I WONDER WHY...

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Man, this is suspiciously close to the FTX debacle...

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Beware of "Conservatives" who claim MAGA somehow died.

There is zero proof of that and it's just a psyop to get rid of Trump.

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I don't want to live in a country with people who voted Democrat yesterday.

They are either:

  1. Completely retarded and ignorant.

  2. Completely unreasonable to a point where you intentionally tank your country just to win.

  3. A combination of 1 and 2.

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I understand your frustration, but what else can we do but attempt to turn out and vote?

I suppose there are other options, but considering the amount of feds crawling around here this morning - I'll leave that be.

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Democrats would literally vote for a rotten bag of dog shit.

That's not an exaggeration. They absolutely would.

That's what we're up against. No amount of logic or reason will convince them.

We're dealing with drooling, braindead, zombies.

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I'm fucking done with politics, man.

The game is obviously rigged.

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Yeah, it's really strange, isn't it?

My theory is that those in power let it happen here in Florida because they want to boost DeSantis over Trump for 2024.

I love em both, but beware of anti-Trumpers who start to point to DeSantis's major win as a reason why we should drop Trump for 2024.

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Floridian here, we're always on our own when it comes to hurricanes. We don't need federal "help".

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We need to stop thinking that politics will solve our problems.

The Left controls culture.

The Left controls the narrative.

The old guard GOP don't have what it takes to win. We need to try a different strategy.

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Yep, and it's fucking bullshit.

There are so many idiots out there.

Atleast we had a good night in Florida. Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville all went red. That NEVER happens.

You guys are always welcome here in Florida. The rest of the US is fucking retarded. Pure and simple.

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When was the last time you listened to him? He's definitely less of a fence sitter now.

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Hahahaha finally, I feel a tiny bit of justice happening.

It ain't much, but it's about time these bastards got a taste of their own medicine.

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They say this because it shifts the conversation from "This guy was attacked" to "Is this guy a white supremacist?"

Don't fall for the bait. It's obvious bullshit.

Ignore the accusation and keep up the attention on the fact that this was political violence done by leftists.

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I happened to notice something about Trump was trending on Twitter.

I click into it to see why and I'm bombarded with just an absolute ton of shit-tier memes about Trump having small hands or something. The kind of memes that look like a retarded grandma made on Facebook.

No news about why it was trending.

So I had to come here to actually get news about what is actually going on.

I fucking hate Twitter. Place is a hell hole.

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Oh what happened to "Trust the Science"??

These people are fucking scum.

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There are more pictures and they're all overweight, wearing masks, and just generally cucked looking. Useful idiots.

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His impressions were always great - hopefully he keeps them alive somehow

by dml2020
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Fine. Would you agree that a country requires some form of intelligence agency?

At least in our current state?

I personally want government to be small, but since the government sticks its nose in everything - we have a target on our back.

I absolutely do not want a federal police force, but we at least need counter-intel if we're a contender on the world stage.

If we purged the current FBI payroll, investigated them and rehired staff, things would improve on that front.

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Oh man, the amount of salt in those comments.

Twitter is delusional lol

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Jack Poso said they've only counted the early/mail in votes so far, which is supposed to be the best for Liz.

Apparently once they start counting the Election Day votes, Liz is going to start losing even more.

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Has an incumbent been BTFO this hard before?

She's getting obliterated lol

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