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These are the same people who were telling us the inflation was "transitory" years ago...

The media has ruined their reputation already.

Oh, and the Biden admin has admitted the press is playing PR for them when it comes to the economy. We cannot trust whatever the media says about the economy.

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The best example of "living rent free in your head"

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"Take this experimental vaccine, but you can't sue us or see any info about it."

Person 1: Okay

Person 2: I think I'll wait...

Who is the smart one in this scenario?

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If you can't lead a dog, you can't lead men.


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Also, in this same fashion, Communists are anti-comedy because historically comedians naturally have spoken truth to power.

Something we have allowed and respected for hundreds of years, going back to Jesters or earlier.

Comedy lampoons power.

That is a threat to Communists. Which is why they say the first death of Communism was a clown.

PC culture is an attempt to smother comedy from speaking truth to power.

We must protect comedy. It has an important role.

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Damn, Elon's rebuttal makes a lot of sense.

That's why the Left is so unreasonable, hostile and incapable of self-reflection.

It's because they are closed minded.

I never looked at it that way, but it makes total sense.

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As soon as Crenshaw voiced support for Red Flag laws, I immediately stopped liking him.

Deal breaker.

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I lost my 14 year old dog in January.

He was my first dog. He was attached to me since the day he was born. Never left my side and anytime I sat down, he was right next to me.

There's an extremely special type of relationship between man and dog. Even at my relatively young age I've had plenty of friends and family die.

But losing my dog felt different. The bond and loyalty was stronger, something a human couldn't match.

I know it's cliche, but what helps me is focusing on what a rewarding experience I had with my dog.

I once joked with someone, "If all dogs don't go to Heaven, I'll go down to Hell and get his ass out"

That type of love is a beautiful thing, man. Be glad it happened.

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I once met Bob Dole all by himself (sort of) hiking through the Smoky Mountains.

Really nice guy, talked with him and his security for a good 10 to 15 minutes on the trail.

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If you can't question something scientific, it's no longer "science".

It becomes protected dogma.

When the scientific method is no longer allowed, science ceases to be.

How do you have science without the scientific method?

The Left have found themselves in a religious-like state. Science threatens their narrative, so any question to the status quo must be treated as blasphemy.

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I'm sorry.

I also had to put my 14 year old buddy down earlier this year.

He was my first dog and the bond between us was so strong.

I miss him every single day.

Dogs are one of the best things about life. They are truly special animals.

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Reddit is a cesspool of astroturfing campaigns and I would bet my left nut there are government organizations out there pushing the narrative to get vaccinated.

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"You're going to be so fucking safe"


My stomach turned when I read that. These people are pathetic.

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I do not understand why some conservatives STILL don't know this.

Never, ever, EVER apologize to these people.

Even if you felt you did wrong.

They will not accept it.

They will only see blood and hate you more.

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My turkey was juicy and delicious.

The dressing was amazing as well.

Seethe harder, BLM.

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Cool story bro

Deep fried turkey go BRRR

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I think you and your cousin should have a nice dinner together and send all the rest of the family photos of what a great time you guys are having

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This is spot on. The last time I wore a mask was March 2020.

I constantly forget Covid even exists. It's great.

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Back in the early days, I want to say Jamestown, there was a problem with young, rich people sailing from England with daddy's money to essentially vacation in the new world.

They would sit around and do nothing while everyone else worked their asses off to maintain Jamestown.

These people were eventually shunned and wouldn't be fed unless they started working.

Angsty teenagers would also grow their hair long like the natives to piss off their parents. It became such a trend that some places banned growing hair out.

Kind of funny how some shit never changes...

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