Agreed with a lot of what RFK said (albeit half measures rather than full measures), but i got ridiculously pissed when he said Trump faled becausehe did lockdowns. Fuck him! Dem goverors did lockdowns and if he wet aainst it he would have bee orange hitler! Maher also ra his mouth negatively and illogically about Trump and RFK just laughed along with him. Ok I guess he has to "play the game" but fuck him. He knows he is full of shit. I do hope it is Trump V Kennedy in the general but I hope Trump buries him. Still am concerned aout Trump. Wish he would do himself a favor and come out against the clotshot.


So i have had chronic hip pain for 10 years and recently (last few months) elbow joint pain. See a lot of docs for the hip issue (all MDs and even most DOs dont know their had from their ass) andi hvehd good luck with a chiro/kinesiologist with th3 hip albeit temporary. Well visiting the gf for a few weeks and found an applied kiniesiology guy who also uses magnets and colored paper and fabrics to diagnose stuff. A few years ago i wouldnt have wasted my time but since i know the elites hide a lot of cures, the guys has tons of amzing reviews and i have had great luck with the other kinesiologist i figured id try it. Told me i have arthritis in my elbow from the spike protein (he brough up the spike i never brin this stuff up with docs) and low vitamin E and Omega. Hip isnt affected by spike but omegas. He got me started on omegas vitamin E, NAC and bramaline. Still was skeptical but looked online and turns out spike protein (i didnt take the vax but im around a lot who did for work) can cause like a quick onset arthritis just like the doc said. Will keep updated on elbow. However... i hve don so much for the hip nd some things may hlp temporary for a few days.... but my hip feels damn near normal after taking these supplements for a while. Thinking i may even be able to get back to running eventually. I wanted to share this because i know a lot o people dea with chronic pain as i have. Before covid i would have dismissed this guy as a quack but holy shit... also interesting if my elbow issue really is ashe says from shedding of the spike. It did see to come on out of nowhere andi noticed it after i was done swimming. Either way im saying keep an open min. I guess thats on positive thing that has come out of the last 3 years. Also curious if anyone else has encountered any similar situations or has two cents to contribute. ALSO THIS I NOT MEDICAL ADVICE SO DISCUSS WITH YOUR DR. BEFORE YOU TRY ANYTHING. Happy 4th as well!

Saw it last night... weird AF but relvant maybe?

Some lawyer with thr absolute worse take on everything. When i loved wth a lefty for a few years he would shove this guy in my facetalking about how lefties are so smart. Ive see. Few of his videos and the guy is a moron. He justmade a video talking about how all of us on the r8ght who trust fox are owned and haha tucker carlson is fired. How fucing outof touch can you be? The guy comes off like someone who likes to run his louth but he doesnt exactly strike me as a scholar. Unless you cunt learnin how to lie and gettng a degreein thag i suppose

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Boobs, ass or legs.

Or anything else?

Thinking about teying but ive read pros and cons online and not sure which is true. My thinking is i would stat with just a small like 1 or 2 gram dose. Opinions?

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