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The GOP hated Trump. They did everything they could to sabotage his presidency because they were furious that he swooped in with his fame and fortune and “stole” the nomination from their preferred array of candidates, upsetting their pecking order.

The GOP is every bit as childish and vindictive as the democrats are. They threw away the greatest potential political achievements in modern history out of spite. Because they didn’t get their way. It’s really that simple.

In spite of this, Trumps achievements were stunning. Imagine what could have been if the GOP hadn’t been such crybabies?!

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No. We are Trump Supporters, not “ists”. The political movement he championed is not about Trump, it’s not a cult of personality as the left would describe it. They use their media goons to smear the political movement as such, because that delegitimizes it in their eyes.

It’s America First, and that’s not new. That’s how we have always acted when we were successful.

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The lesson is self defense is for private citizens to defend their lives when being attacked. If we are to become a private police force because the police refuse to do their jobs, as is the case with Armed Robbery, then we need to elect people who understand that starting at the local level. Change never happens top down.

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Youngkin reversed course on that, saying as soon as he gets into office he is going to ban vaccine/mask mandates in VA.

McMichael wasn’t self defense, they pursued Armed Robbery. It sucks and Armed Robbery was a scumbag criminal whose death was a net positive for the world, but it wasn’t self defense.

I don’t know what’s up with Boebert.

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The only way the pandemic would have ended in 72 hours was if Trump had resigned. Then it would have been over in a flash.

COVID isn’t real. It’s all been a psyop to seize western power for CCP aligned leftist media goons and politicians and their “health authorities”.

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Let’s see. Does this little fella spend hours practicing his draw and fire? Does he know that less than 6 feet a knife is far faster and more deadly? Does he carry a knife with an automatic blade for that reason?

Has he ever even fired a real gun?

Don’t worry bros, we’re safe…

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Yeah that’s one of the worst things about social media. People have become far too comfortable publicly stating things they should be punched in the nose for.

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No because normal is fine. Homosex is deviant and the only reason to include it was box checking.

So yeah, it irritates the fuck out of me to see deviance portrayed for no reason in movies.

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Goldeneye was smack dab in the thick of the 90s PC wave. No question making M a woman was a nod to political correctness at the time. You may not have been aware of how much the left was pushing it in the early-mid 90s. It was bad.

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That’s every movie after that first Craig Bond movie. He’s just sad over that woman dying.

You’re fucking Bond bro, get over it. Make a snide remark and then go find another one!

How shitty would Goldfinger have been if he spend the rest of the movie crying about the woman they killed with paint?

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They made M a woman decades ago, don’t forget. That was irritating as fuck. Judy Dench is like nails on a chalkboard.

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He was a terrible Bond. I mean at least Timothy Dalton was a good Bond even though the movies were bad, same with Brosnan. Craig was just wrong on all levels.

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I hated Spectre. The homosex villain for NO REASON irritated the fuck out of me.

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It’s not so much that I’m saying Jews are an evil cabal. I’m pointing out how tv and film acting jobs are very tightly controlled and tend to be passed around a small interlocked group of people.

There’s no technique or specialized skill, in spite of what grifting “acting teachers” try to sell you, it all has to do with one question: who are you related to or closely tied with? They keep it in the family and they rarely send the elevator down. It happens, don’t get me wrong, but it’s surprisingly rare. Yeah sure you can point out the exceptions, fine. Doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Hollywood is basically Cosa Nostra for the Jews for that reason. Your family has people on the inside, you get to be on the inside and so on and so on.

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And it just so happens virtually ALL of them are Jewish. I mean what a crazy ass coincidence, right?!

It’s just a fact. Some will call me names for pointing out that crazy, virtually impossible coincidence, but I noticed.

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Not my money! Not one penny, not one moment of screen time, not one click, no cable subscription.

Sorry faggots

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