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Yea but isn’t that really the exception that proves the rule?

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Oh really? Do you know schools now have a zero tolerance policy about fighting? They don’t care who starts it. That’s true.

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Or because we have the discipline to start the day early for other reasons. I get up at 5:30 M-F so I have time to work out.

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What are you arguing for, exactly then?

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Exactly. This meme is called “The Yiddler” for a reason

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And well, the subject matter is wrong.

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Same people that told him covid was real.

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The west has literally become the Soviet Union. Throwing political opposition in gulags, clearly fraudulent “elections” where completely improbable outcomes are dictated and anyone who questions it is punished by the state.

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Some people here have no sense of humor

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Lol yeah “neighbors”. My nearest friend was about a mile away down the dustiest goddamn caliche road you ever saw.

We used to steal his dads long ass Benson and Hedges menthols.

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It’s the same scam the Hillsboro Baptist Church pulled. Go around pissing people off until they do something, the file law suits.

In the case of this guy, I suspect it’s not about filing suits (although I’m sure he would also do that) but about triggering the DC commie legal apparatus against political opponents.

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Goes both ways. I don’t care if a man works inside or outside. The only man I have no respect for is the one who doesn’t work and doesn’t want to.

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It’s pretty obvious that someone who actually wrestles can do some serious damage to a normie if they want to. You learn how to get a hold of someone who is really good at not letting you get a hold of them and then you put that person on the ground hard.

Using that outside of the ring is crazy dangerous stuff.

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When I was in school if you got in a fight the worst that would happen is they’d send a note home and MAYBE you’d get a detention. They saved suspension for real significant violence.

Now if you get beat up by a bully, you and the bully get thrown out of school permanently.

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Jiu jitsu. Let’s think that through for a sec. Getting down on the ground so the bully’s friends can kick you in the head.

Learn enough to get yourself out of a headlock or not let someone grab you so they can slam you down, otherwise learn to quickly channel rage and throw overwhelming punches and kicks. Most of the time fights only last a few seconds and the one who can whip up the fury first will win.

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A person willing to be vicious first will almost always win a fight. Approaching someone you’ve already witnessed being violent and just standing there is just starting off losing.

The only way to deal with that bully is to fly over the table with fists aimed at his mouth, over and over without pause until inevitably someone pulls you off. That will guarantee two things: 1. The bully won’t have a static target for practice and 2. He will have lots of time to think about it while in the dentist chair.

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Notice that when the bully is punching the kid sitting down, no adult cares, but as soon as the bully is threatened, the adults come flying.

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That’s right. Growing up without a father in the home makes a boy turn his anger outward. Growing up without a mother in the home makes a boy turn his anger inward.

Growing up with both parents in the home makes a child who isn’t full of anger, because he doesn’t feel a primal betrayal at his core.

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All of the abnormal alphabet is mental illness. Every bit of it. “Homosexuality” is not “sexuality” in any sense. It’s a spectrum of mental illnesses that manifest in a deep self loathing, mostly untreated depression and PTSD from abuse.

Men who reject their natural selves by submitting themselves to physical torture by way of the physical destruction of their anus, or who feel the need to do that to another man are deeply, DEEPLY disturbed individuals.

There is no such thing as a lesbian. That is a woman who has been abused by a man who has not dealt with their depression or PTSD and is deeply fearful of men. They tend to overcompensate by taking on the male appearance by way of haircut and clothing so as to make themselves as unattractive to men as possible.

Trans are just both categories who take it to the inevitable conclusion. Not just being the opposite of what a man should be by being submissive to a man in the most vulnerable way possible, but literally convincing yourself you ARE the opposite of a man.

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That’s exactly the point. He’s trying to elicit a violent response so all the conservatives involved can be arrested and held in a gulag and tortured indefinitely.

Are we just pretending that wasn’t how January 6th worked?

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Because in DC you would be held indefinitely in a gulag for even touching this federal agent. The judge would order you held without bond awaiting a trial date that would conveniently be set years away.

That’s how the left insulates their power, by owning the entire legal system in the jurisdictions where their power is centered. If you even think about challenging them, they have the authority to illegally detain and torture you for it, complete depriving you of your rights. Who is going to stop them? How are they going to stop them?

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