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Bro, you just brought up some of my favorite memories. Golden Eye deprived me of sleep, staying up til the sun at 11 years old with 3 other friends.

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You see, my boy, we completely out gunned them.. it wasn't a fair fight. The left can't meme

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Which only proves he wasn't at the shooting, the worst markman on the planet COULDN'T miss that.

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I have personally witnessed their aged transformers failing and sparking on my country road. They literally just patch it, they do not replace them. The camp fire, zogg fire, and Dixie have ALL been irrefutably started by their equipment. They can't deny it because their systems detected the equipment failure on all of those before the blazes ignited.

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As it should be. The voice of a Nation will always be louder than the voice of an echo chamber

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His solo shit is MUCH better than his label produced stuff. Dude has talent, and isn't whining about being alive in his own course.

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Oh 10... right... uh, yeah.. mine are all 10.

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No, that doesn't work either. It's not what you say that gets you kicked off these platforms, it's how you vote.

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Some faggot mass downvoting everyone.

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Fair and balanced Fuck your feelings, you know we're right

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AG better be swift and merciless with this evidence. If nothing happens, we're fucked. Trump Won. Fuck Biden.

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His job was to point out anomalies so that the attorney General can investigate. Dr. Shiva can't prosecute

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10447 in the entire state, this is only Maricopa. Trump won bigly

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In ONE county. This isn't the entire state of AZ.. its just Maricopa

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That's why you feel the need to come here? And you call me the troglodyte? I pity your existence.

First off, you're stupid if you think we trust the "popular vote"... riddle me this, if democrats don't cheat, why do they have such a strong stance against audits and voter ID? They should welcome an audit if they win fair and square, just to rub it in our face.

Secondly, you're retarded if you don't understand that the United States is not a democracy. It's a constitutional republic. This is why we have the EC. Iowa shouldn't be subjugated by New York just because New York has more people. Drop a New Yorker into a field in Iowa and tell him to feed himself, he would die of starvation.

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We're on the 1 yard line. Our next play is determined after audit findings are revealed. If our elected officials sit idle, we don't have any other options but the last resort.

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