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This country is fucked. A reckoning is coming. It might be 50 years out, but it's coming.

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This is the exact reason I will never be a believer in your bullshit.

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Ventura County is actually very large. I don't what these numbers are. I grew up there. Thank God I live in Florida now.

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Putting "natural" in front of those words is as clear a sign of the Fall of Western Civilization as I've seen.

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It takes a real man to say the words "I used to post on a Michael Jackson fan forum".

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My job made us. I live in fucking Tallahassee. This was 3 months ago though. Of course mine was a "digital" copy.

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I swear to God I feel like her and the Boebert chick fun Colorado are the only Republicans with any guts. It's pathetic. Every single time I see real pushback against the communist onslaught it's one of these two. Or GEOTUS or Jr. That's it. They are the only members of Congress fighting for us. Matt Gaetz (my Congressman) and Jim Jordan are fucking windbags. They won't say it like these women.

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I have been saying this for YEARS. You want to lock me up bc I'm getting high? Not bc of anything else? Lololol.


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You have OBVIOUSLY never heard him speak or do a Q and A. Junior is extremely intelligent. He is more based than his father too. He's who we really need.

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