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I'm on favor bringing back the asylums. We can send all these FBI instigated shooters... and all the mentally ill suicidal trannies. A large population of the drug addicted homeless as well.

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Did your boyfriend film this?

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Cool video. Antifa agitators.

Now post the video of the Capitol Police Officer shooting an unarmed 110 pound woman in the neck.

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Remember when Germany and Sweden took in 10's of thousands of Muslims from all over the world and they they entered the rape apocalypses?

Yeah, you are here.

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Bahrullah Noori, 20, is facing three counts of engaging in sexual acts with a minor, including one allegedly involving the use of force. He also is charged with a fourth count of attempting to engage in such acts with a minor while using force. The alleged victims were at least four years younger than Noori, and had not yet reached the age of 16.

Mohammad Haroon Imaad, 32, is charged with assaulting his wife on Sept. 7. The indictment alleges Imaad choked and suffocated her.


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If I learned anything from Boaty McBoatface...

You get when you deserve when you let the internet Pick A Name!

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IF "The proof is massive and staggering" as we are repeatedly told, and the information released and it is undisputable...

What will be done?

An actual Insurrection? Strongly worded letters from RINO's? Protests with Faggot FBI arresting Patriots for loitering? Maybe 24 hours of media coverage at best and then suppressed? War with China to act as a distraction?

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I would leave her.

Clearly this woman can't cook if he is buying all the meals.

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These officers did nothing wrong and they know it.

But they would never argue a Free Paid Vacation!!!

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She has aged 12 years in the last 18 months.

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Write that on the check and mail it back!!!!!!!

...be sure to mention Patriots.win...

Then post it here!

Don't let your Meme's Be Dreams!

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Justice for J6 = FBI Faggots

Actual J6th = FBI Faggots

Kenosha FBI plane in air = FBI Faggots

Fentanyl Floyd agitators = FBI Faggots

Charlottesville = FBI Faggots

Jussie Smollett protests = FBI Faggots

Noosecar = FBI Faggots

What else am I forgetting?????!!!!!

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Go back to Reddit, Faggot.

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"The best thing to do to prepare for an earthquake is to get vaccinated"

~ Some Faggy Aussie Politician

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