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He will resign over surprising new sexual harassment charges before he ever gets arrested for funding covid and murdering millions.

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Even if the misfire thing was true... it happened twice before and he still pointed the gun at someone?

It was not even for the scene? The gun was pointed at a non actor after the gun had misfired twice?

He has no excuse. He is responsible.

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They wrote a letter. They did not misspeak in an interview or get caught on hidden camera. They wrote a letter.

That shows prior thought and specific intent.

They are not sorry for their deed, they are uncomfortable with the blow back. If they could get away with it, they would do it again in an instant.

Fire them all.

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I am old enough to remember when #WrongTrump was trending when Trump's brother died.

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Oh, I can say whatever the hell I want. I am not going to let you decide what I can or cannot say I believe simply to make you feel better. Take your PC garbage garbage and shove it.

I said "But saying that, no one really knows. We just have our research and our beliefs based on that research.".

That was plenty of acknowledgment. Go screw yourself for lecturing me on not hurting your feelings because I did not word this specifically to your liking.

Even so, if you are so weak in your knowledge and belief system that you get offended when someone disagrees with you, how the hell would you ever be strong enough to lay down your life when fighting for your beliefs?

Then again, maybe that is the point.

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If you think that was mocking, you have extremely thin skin.

As I said. Believe what you will. Your choice.

Me though, I will believe and support the actual people who are doing something.

You feel free to sit back and worship your internet ghost.


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Do your research and believe what you want, but it all makes complete sense if you don't believe in Q... or at least not as someone who is actually on our side. The best lies have an element of the truth after all.

But saying that, no one really knows. We just have our research and our beliefs based on that research.

But let's look at that list:

  1. Supply chain sabotage and our energy output surpression is destroying China

It is destroying US. China benefited by covid a large amount. They are strengthening their selling power. They are strengthening their military. We are collapsing our own economy. We are destroying our military.

  1. Mostly blue states/cities economies are the ones most effected by presidential edicts/new leftist regulations/jabb mandates and the threat of higher taxes

We are 1 country, if one state collapses, it affects all of them. Also, Biden is very obviously sending money to bail out the failed states/ industries that push his agenda. That means higher taxes for everyone, or if they print the money, higher inflation for everyone. Same thing.

  1. Our economic woes encompass all areas of the economy, from woke entertainment to energy output suppression

People suffering (both leftists and conservatives) is not a positive, even if it teaches people a lesson. If the good guys were in charge, it would have been better to change the education system to teach patriotism and personal responsibility to our children. Would have help more people with less suffering.

  1. Elections are being challenged across the nation as states, feds, departments of the government are clashing with each other.

Letting something collapse just to get people to fight it after it collapses is stupid. You put yourself at a disadvantage and try to corner a lashing out enemy. Again, if the good guys were in charge, steps could have been taken to prevent the worst of it, then when Trump won, let the left clamor for voting laws and audits. Then audit all 50 states. We would have our rightful president, and both sides would actually agree on auditing the system. (Also, see answer to #7)

  1. Labor shortages and comminications caused directly by corporations/states jabb mandates under the illusion of federal ones.

Yep, sheep are gonna sheep. But the federal is incentivizing and threatening the sheep into compliance. It is human nature to take the easiest or most profitable route. No Q needed for that.

  1. Utterly corrupt politicians are exposing themselves on a daily basis.

Always have been, it's just that the disparity between what they are allowed to do and what they will allow us to do is so much larger, it is much easier to see it. Also a lot more people are looking now.

  1. Connections to politicians with human trafficking and pedophilia rings are being exposed.

See this is where all the Q talk starts to annoy me. You have actual people putting their lives on the line to get information out about these people, but instead of acknowledging these brave people, it is all preordained by the mysterious Q. This way of thinking keeps people from feeling the need to go out and fight themselves and it completely overlooks the actual sacrifices from actual people who are standing against this tyranny.

  1. Politicians across the nation are retiring while others are being arrested

That is what happens when people are afraid to get caught, they run. Thank God for the people out there who are not backing down from their threats and fighting, not waiting for some plan to come to fruition.

There is a saying that a plan never survives contact with an enemy... yet I keeps seeing posts from years ago about some cryptic Q post showing that everything is on track. With the evil that we are fighting, plans would be changing constantly in a back and forth push for survival.

You may think it makes sense through the lens of Q... and you are welcome to your belief.

But it makes perfect sense to me without Q, and I thank God for good people who are standing up to tyranny where they can.

Just my two cents.

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Yeah. We really are in uncharted territory. I think Hillary was supposed to be the 3 to 5 years of it working. Because of Trump, they are just ramming the agenda forward without even trying to make it look good.

You know what is really weird?

My everyday life has not changed at all yet. I know when it does, it will be all at once and I have been preparing for that for the last 2 years.

I am a truck driver. I do not mask. Most of us don't. I do not see many people in masks in my circles, and have not for a long time.

I never stopped working. I never changed how I do my job. I stopped watching any news since around the OJ Simpson trial and stopped trusting the news when Clinton attacked Kosovo... so I never got hit with all the propaganda and covid fear.

My company is not asking about vax status. In fact, they sent us all a message saying that the were working with the American Trucking Association to fight the mandate.

I am watching the world go crazy from outside of it. It is extremely bizarre.

That is not to say that I am not standing against it. I do what I can when I can... but my daily routine is unchanged.

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Yeah, that has been my take on it too... if you want to kill billions, why would you have a moral quandary about just bombing your own citizens?

The problem is that I think people on the left would support it, if not now, then soon. They would think they are saving the world by getting rid of the evil anti vaxxers.

Btw, I do think that we can get through this. If you lose that belief, then you lose the will to fight for it.

Our past is filled with horrific and terrifying times, and we have made it through. Just because people plan for a great evil to take place does not mean they will succeed.

The biggest thing right now is to be ready for empty shelves and the need to defend yourself. We still have time to prepare, but that time is shortening.

It is hard to fight against tyranny when you are starving and unarmed.

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Not a Garrison Cartoon, but the style is a bit similar.

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The numbers on that look wonky. I am guessing that the fact that prioritizing the economy numbers never get near 50% even when approving covid measures go under 30% means there are a significant number of people who say screw both the covid measures and the economy? That makes sense...

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If you have not already, read animal farm.

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Truck drivers are not organized.

There is no real communication between drivers that work for the same company, let alone drivers from different companies.

Any driver who refuses to go to DC (and there are many) would just be placed on another route and someone else (and there are an even great number) would take their place.

The constant talk about driver strikes is doing nothing but making people think that other people will give up their livelihoods so that everyone else can do nothing... and when it doesn't happen, people just get pissed at truck drivers.

If you want to shut down DC, it does not take trucks to do it. Cars can slow/stop traffic.

Want to shut down deliveries but not the roads? Block the docks.

Worried that you might get arrested or fired when reported? Yeah, you probably will, but that is what you are asking other people to do for you.

A single person has as much powers as a single truck driver, if you use it right, and there are many more of you.

Will a trucker strike happen? Maybe, but it would happen with the same timing that all the other industries have walked off the job so far. It will happen when the mandate specifically affects their industry.

Don't rely on others to do the fighting for you.

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It is like you don't even read your own posts. Have to say, not really surprised.

Hmm, first you whine about how I do not know you and how you are so amazing for doing something vague and unstated. Then when I look to see if there is any substance to the unnamed heroics you blather on about, you get all "Stalker! Stalker! Don't look at things I actually say!" when I find you talking about running away. Such courage. Go you...

Or just, go away you. Did not even realize that you were taking your running away all the way out of the country. No wonder you act the way you do. Put down an entire industry just so you do not have to actually look at yourself for what you are.

Run away little mouse.

Funny thing, previously I stated that I was expecting a rubber/glue response from you, Called it.

Pointed out that the person who is running away is projecting by calling me a coward...

And your response is basically: No! You're projecting! Wah!

As for fighting... I said "I fight this idiotic narrative every time I see it, and will continue to do so."

And I do. I just do not feel the need to be impolite to people who do not show themselves to be absolute assholes from the start. Like you were.

I constantly point out that truck drivers are not organized enough to strike, and that it will not happen until something actually directly affects the trucking community, like the mandate hitting us. Why do I point this out? To fight the narrative that there is going to be a strike.

Because 95% of the idiotic posts talking about truck drivers striking are not written by truck drivers, but by random people trying to get it to happen.

And then when it obviously does not happen, the less intelligent people start actually blaming all the truck drivers for not fulfilling their little fantasy.

Funny thing, if you had just kept your grievance to the OP, I would not have said a thing. In fact, I would have likely agreed. Instead you actually blamed the entire trucking industry because some armchair warriors on this board keep jacking off to the thought of some magical trucking strike that will bring down the government.

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This you?

"I'm running. I know it's not the best of the three options, but I'm not god damn complying."

Looks like the coward is projecting.

An idiot, a coward, and a hypocrite all in one.

But your last piece of advice is useable. Your opinions are worthless.

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Getting rid of federal crimes? That will create new voters, no?

Think they will be Democrat or Republican?

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Perhaps some of them do, but unless they changed things again in the last couple days, it is not true of all of them.

They may require it of their own employees, but other trucking companies can still pick up and deliver to Tysons without the vax... at least the one that my company pulls from works that way.

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I have been trying to get this point across since the election every time I see people drooling over the thought of a driver strike.

People just keep pushing it, and then they blame the truck drivers for not acting out their fantasy.

I get it, it is a very alluring thought to not be responsible for putting your own life at risk. It is so much easier to expect someone else to do it for them.

But it is dangerous, because when people just expect someone else to save them, they will have no reason to join the fight themselves.

The reality is that we are not organized. Any "OMG trucker strike! ZOMG!!" Info I hear comes from reading p.w, not from being a truck driver.

Any small strikes that people may have organized in the past are just a bunch of people taking the day off. Other drivers just cover the loads.

It would likely take something like the mandate hitting the industry for us to organically organize into a strike.

On the plus side, a good 70 to 80% of the drivers that I have talked to said that they would quit before taking the shot.... conservatively I would say 40 to 50% would actually act on it.

That is when you will see the supply chain collapse.

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You know, you have just as much power to do something as an individual as a truck driver does.

You can go block a road somewhere. Go have fun with that.

A good sized group can shut down the interstate.

All those massive Trump car parades? That could shut down a city.

You should feel empowered by this. You can make a difference.

There is no reason why you have to wait for truck drivers to do something, nor is it their responsibility to do so.

Most the people I see pushing this truck driver crap aren't truck drivers.

They just want someone else to save them.

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