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I don't know anything about Hageman, tbh...

But does it look like she has the usual liberal "Crazy eyes" to anyone else?

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Oh, please keep doing so. I do the same. More people need to call out the idiots.

Just, it gets really disheartening when you start thinking that most people here are like that.

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We are not liberals. We do not all dance to the same tune.

Call out the idiots, but know they are usually the loud minority.

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When your perfect woman is a blow up doll...

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This, and if they did define it, they would just move the goal post once reached, so it would still be unobtainable.

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And yet people will donate $1 to $100s a couple times a week to watch people stream minecraft.

Seeth, cope, and die mainstream.

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If you left the protest area, signal came back. Signal was fine at the hotels.

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You are fake news.

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The was no data access and you could not text. I could make actual phone calls the couple times that I tried... but yeah. Unless you were able to get through on a call (and could hear through the chaos), you did not find anything out until you left... and boy was that a slap in the face.

Trump never showed, media was calling us terrorists. This very site was condemning us with very few people pushing back against the vitriol. Absolute slap in the face.

And this is after we were pepper sprayed and sonic attacked by police for no reason for hours. Then at the end, cops were literally barring the doors of hotels so that people couldn't leave.

Trump being absent and then stepping down, while it hurt then, I have come to understand.

I have never forgiven how people here acted that day. I will never forget that our own side will abandon and attack those who put the necks out.

Sure, we had liberals come and do what they usually do to screw with us...

But the lack of pushing against them was eye opening.

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A mixture of things, tbh. Propaganda, false reporting, governors who put sick people in nursing homes, and injection deaths.

The countries that had the most injections were also attacked the hardest by their government to get their citizens to comply.

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Actually surprised were aren't.

But for all I know we could be... i don't really read the propaganda rags.

I can find more coherent truth in a can of alphabet soup.

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Is driving racist:

First link...


Self-driving-car algorithms may have a racism problem

Oct 7, 2021 — The algorithms used to train artificial intelligence systems in cars are based dangerously on white skin.

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For all we know, they did. You give anyone immunity from consequences of their behavior, you think that behavior just stays the same?

I would hazard a guess that the old numbers are no longer even near correct, and that is why it is being hidden.

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Looking at a single poll or the aggregate?

Sounds like the 30% may have been an individual poll. Also, approval ratings slide up and down constantly. ...even when not faked.

Honestly, the sheer number of people out there who do not pay attention to politics and still have a strong political opinion is likely why his number is as high as it is.

Most the people that I know are conservatives, but the ones that I know who never want to talk politics do not see any of this as Biden's fault.

The media, as unpopular as it is to watch, still has its hooks in people.

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On J6 people saw that our own side would turn against people who stood against the leftists. Our own side would fall for a false flag and blame the innocent people who put it all on the line to be there.

By our own side I did not mean the establishment Republicans... I mean actual Patriots.

Most disheartening thing I have seen.

I think it killed a lot of trust that our own side would have the backs if those who were fighting against what is happening.

I still see it on a smaller scale from time to time. Demeaning, criticizing, blaming people who try to do something... Yeah, you can say it is leftists infiltrating the board, but most people don't speak out against it. To afraid of being wrong? Who knows.

Can we recover? Probably. But for now, I think the large fights have been taken to the local level.

by KAGwave
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And suicides...

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God is pro choice... with consequences.

He gave Adam and Eve the ability to choose to eat the fruit that he told them not to... but the consequences of that has affected all man kind.

People have the choice to kill their children, and hell will be that much hotter for it.

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I remember when we had a president... and I never once saw his son's naked butt.

I miss those days.

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Agreed, making it about a single person diminishes the actual event.

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The old Republicans would have said some nonsense about how they would make sure this did not happen again, leave, and write a strongly worded letter.

The new Patriots fight.

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For the first time so many people are aware that we have a criminally installed figurehead.

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The didn't need to wait for orders from a superior to handcuff a parent to stop her from getting to her kids.

If it was about permissions, why the lie about the door being locked and being unable to enter?

They are trying to latch onto any excuse that will get people to stop treating them like the abhorrent people they are.

Every officer who was there and did not act is to blame.

This excuse attempts to take away that blame and focus it on some supervisor. Screw that.

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