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Looks like they have some kind of congenital defect to go along with their genital defect.

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Breaking: FOX News has just called the PA GOP primary for Biden

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Her pronouns are tard/tardy

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They drink the koolaid and think they're being cool and empowered. Then they hit the wall and realize they're going to die alone.

At that point their only options are admit they were wrong, or brain wash the next generation into making the same horrific mistakes... and we all know a woman like that will never admit fault no matter the circumstance or how many people they need to hurt.

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If they keep counting long enough Biden is gonna win this one too

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If you're white and living in a white dominated area. If you live in a racial jungle you score pretty low as a whitey.

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The only thing Kavanaugh raped was the constitution.

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It Matt Gaetz in prison yet? I was promised Matt Gaetz would die in prison.

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I'm not allowed to board a plane in this shithole.

I should have been more specific in my wording. I'm not gonna eat pills and pass out in the bathtub or some gay shit. Maybe I won't even die, but I'm not going to shy away from the path that is likely to end in my destruction.

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"According to the worlds smartest and most credible scientists we need to kill all the Jews" -This guy if he was born in 1910

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Conspiracy theorist is a derogatory term for people who read whole news articles and not just the headline.

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Oh yeah, take the pills that make you complacent. See how that works out for you.

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Now they've given themselves the role of killing all the retards too... and I'm the Nazi? lol

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The right protests the government, the left protests powerless individual citizens. Scum.

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