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Well, they’re legal in many states in the US.

You can even buy them at gas stations in some states.

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I am LOVING this. She is a commie cuck piece of shit and i have ZERO sympathy. None:

That being said… ppl who smoke weed aren’t necessarily “dope fiends” imo.

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Unfortunately this does absolutely nothing. Chest beating on a forum message board? Posting a picture?

We post these pics “don’t tred on me”…meanwhile they are literally treading all the fuck over you, me and everyone else.

They don’t give a flying fuck that some rando is posting “trash talk” or edgy verbiage on a sporadic message board. Because they know it ends and stops there.

They probably laugh at us when seeing this kind of stuff unfortunately.

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Always gay students?

Yeah. Probably I guess. There’s always been gay people. But these days like 40% or more identify as lgbtq bullshit when we all know it’s bullshit grooming. Pre 2010’s ish or so you had the sporadic random gay and they were just gay and that was it

When I was in high school (98-2002) there were TWO outwardly gay kids (boys) in my entire high school. Two.

I guarantee if you go to my same high school now and do a survey at least 30 “identify” as lgbt

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LoL. Scared?

They’re absolutely not scared whatsoever.

Our Presidential election was STOLEN. And absolutely NOTHING has happened and they continue to gain more power.

Don’t be naive. They’re not scared of shit unfortunately.

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How are “they” pushing the throttle? What do you mean?

Do you think average Americans are going to experience mass starvation and lack of food to the extent that…canned goods must be saved and eaten?

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That’s some boomer level fucking cringe.

Don’t ever fucking say that again 😂

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I was surprised to see Tesla is offering to pay up to $4,000 for their employees to go get an abortion out of state if need be.

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It’s super annoying. Like EVERY fucking thinking isn’t a fed psyop

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I dunno man. So far every single shooting/ mass shooting the last 5-10 years is a “fed psyop false flag” according to many on this site.

Or it’s… our society is fucked up and deranged now more than ever. We have kids and adults who have been on bullshit “antidepressants” and are force fed propaganda that makes them fucking insane and divided etc

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So every fucked up faggot who kills people or goes on a mad shooting is a “fed psyop”?


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He does, yes.

And yeah he’s great.

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Unfortunately she does get to do it and she is doing it.

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But… we have such great men in power right?




Cory Booker


Eric Adam’s

Cuck “Republican” Governor from Utah


Ted Wheeler




Just to name a few. What’s their excuse? They get a pass for being faggots bc they’re men?

MGT is one of the very few (of mostly male republicans) that speaks fucking facts and truths all the time. Or Boebert

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