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Water infrastructure in California is based on 19 century tech and so is environmentalism. California hasn’t really built water infrastructure 80 years or so.

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He’s a pos. I’m glad the people saw through him in 2016. We would have ended up with the third iteration of a GW Bush administration.

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Yeah, they have given the run around to the desalination plant for 20 years. It’s retarded—shutting down its nuclear power plants because they don’t do science.

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Are you sure most of water infrastructure is useless? Since, water is transferred from one side of California to another.

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Water storage is needed in California. Since it has years of dry seasons. Dams are not being replaced. Most of water infrastructure is older than the 30’s and it’s not being replaced. They are building nothing expect a train to nowhere.

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Basically, they are trying to thirst the farmers out of business. Most of water goes to the ocean. Just ask the socialist in SF if they want destroy dams that feeds into their area. It’s a resounding “NOPE”.

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If people completed their sentence their voting rights should be restored.

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I didn’t say is from gays. It’s happening to men that engaged in anal sex with men in Africa. One fucked a monkey then spread it to to whomever he had sex with.

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