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The year was 2020 and stealing elections was now considered Democracy. Your chromosomes determine if your sexist or not. Your natural pigment determines if you're a racist and supporting notions of morality makes you a bigot.

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Now watch the FBI go in, not to investigate but to gather up and destroy uniparty vulnerability to preserve the power structure. On my knees I beg God for this not to be true but only a fool would believe otherwise.

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Use the drop down and go to the store

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Maybe even a finer point. Leftist mob media happened to Lara after her unauthorized, truthful account of what happened to her in Egypt.

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My message to Mexico... Help us finish the wall and run a better country.

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Ashley leaving the diary behind was a cry for help not an accident. The lap top and her diary are the equivalent of a message in a bottle.

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81 Million...

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Are people really dumb enough to think nuke codes dont change?

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This is not science, this is a cult.

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POTUS pardoned him but never acknowledged him. Bannon never wavered, he has remained pro Trump and pro America without wavering.

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