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Elon is definitely playing both sides. Anyone who reads his NeuroLinks lab research and NeuroLinks animal testing can see Elon’s plans for the future are darker than Bill Gates.

He is creating technology to download brain data. Imagine being the first billionaire who will monetize brain data.

Elon always supported the Green New Deal. He sells solar panels. And electric cars. He is playing both sides, and Trump sees it.

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100%. Also, anyone can read his NeuroLinks animal testing and research, it’s some stomach churning, dark scary shit.

“Neurolinks is a sewing machine-like ultrathin threads implanted into the brain, that can download brain data wirelessly.”

Imagine how profitable brain data is. Who will make this data proprietary? Who will be the first to monetize brain data?

He also has a history of supporting the Green new deal and his last two girlfriends were both insane Socialists.

He is definitely playin both sides.

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True, he steered the ship through some pretty thick storms, took on Spez and won and never ceded an inch to the bastards.

We love you u/shadowman3001 Thanks for being a pillar all these years

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From criminal leaking, to supreme judge doxing: the White House endorses extremist violent rage.

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Yea WTF these communists supported the Biden government dictating health decisions for them just last month

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and he closed with … “You can’t kill your offspring anymore”. WOO

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Huh the only chant I heard was FUCK ALITO and Hey Hey HoHo Alitos gotta go.

I hope Alito is getting 24/7 detail

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The organizer of rolling thunder, a Vet, has been threatened by the Ottawa Police that he will be held responsible for any “hate” that takes place during rolling thunder. No definition of hate given. Flying the flag, or honking could be hateful for an Ottawa Leftist.

The Commies running the city are immediately going after organizers now. They already normalized prison time for setting up a GFM funds. They normalized freezing bank accounts for mischief.

Now the concern is that the Commies will wait until Rolling Thunder and the Vets arrives in Ottawa, and only then declare it an Unlawful Protest, then start arresting and charging.

Exactly how they crushed the family friendly truckers.

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This is what a psychopath who enjoys hurting children looks like.

A greedy psychopath who puts Pharma and Media money above the life of his own child to be clear.

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YUP AND TRUMP WAS RE-ELECTED WITH a 10M higher turn out than 2016

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The 4 lights Star Trek episode was based on 1984 and also on true stories out of the Soviet gulags, where the guards would repeatedly show 3 fingers to the prisoner and ask how many they saw, until the prisoner told the guard 4, the wrong answer they wanted, the beatings continued. A sign that the prisoners mind, body and spirit, were truly broken was when the prisoner accepted the obvious lie as truth.

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Download it before they yank it


The spike protein/ the lipid nanoparticle is the neuro toxin:

“These disturbances potentially have a causal link to neurodegenerative disease, myocarditis, immune thrombocytopenia, Bell's palsy, liver disease, impaired adaptive immunity, impaired DNA damage response and tumorigenesis.”

The study’s abstract:

  • mRNA vaccines promote sustained synthesis of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

  • The spike protein is neurotoxic, and it impairs DNA repair mechanisms.

  • Suppression of type I interferon responses results in impaired innate immunity.

  • The mRNA vaccines potentially cause increased risk to infectious diseases and cancer.

  • Codon optimization results in G-rich mRNA that has unpredictable complex effects.

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It’s practically own and operated and by all of 0bama’s White House

Money laundering at its finest

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