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Nothing say meth head like tats.

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Start releasing all of the info. Unpixilated videos and pictures along with all of the cell phone geo tracking info. Let the chips fall as the may.

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This guy gets it. If you make a better wedgit another company will push government to make it illegal. We are a county of ideas and people that put them into place regardless.

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It’s past time for border state governors to step in and close this shit down. Stop Mexicos economy and this shit will stop.

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I have never seen a race of people that get so damn upset about anything. Get loud and never have a conversation. One of my black co workers told me they are loud because they are an “ animated people”. What ever the hell that means.

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Two gens of what I recommend wouldn’t take anymore space than a average two story 2000sq ft residential home. Buried transmission cables is the big cost. No aerial cable maintenance just stationary transformers. It would all pay for itself in a few years and you could be paid for the excess powered generation.maximum of 150-200 homes including solar battery backup. Don’t laugh but years ago I used a creek , made a very small spill way and used some water paddles in conjunction with auto alternators to power up a few 12 volt battries to light up a hunting hut and power a few other gadgets. Getting to old now to do bigger thing!

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Thx for the link. I have hunting property in another state that borders national forest and they went drill crazy about 4 years ago and all that natural gas gets burned off as waste. What a damn shame.

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Yes. This is the way! Self sufficient communities are the way of the future. In the community I am in we have private roads our own lake that is overlooked by a fisheries biologist and is surrounded by thousands or acres of forest and water. It’s all within driving range of mid sized towns. This is the way future communities should be planed and the people that live in my community are the resources.

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I used to build sream turbines generators.. Large ones. I have never understood with natural gas and water so prevalent in areas of the country why communities haven’t built small facilities to produce power for private use. Two small units that are put in rotation for maintenance can produce power for hundreds if not thousands of homes. This is the way out of governmental control. Control the power have the power. That’s an HOA I would contribute to.

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Product of the city of Atlanta.

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Now when will the cell phone location data be released as promised?

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The continuation of stupidity in the good ole US of A. I don't care what anyone has to say, we cant live along side these "people" and survive. Time to draw a new map.

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