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there are lots of rocks..I see them every day..

maybe more fitting to have said "under every gator nest"

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We have to wait for the faggots to play their hand first

everybody knows they planted evidence, it's just a matter of time before they "leak" their "evidence" they "found" to the fake news.

once that happens, drop the hammer

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They should make copies on copies on copies and hide them under every rock from Mar-a-lago to the keys

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straight up gestapo tactics

It's past time to end the FBI, DOJ and all federal agencies (IRS, Dept of Education, etc)

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Not true at all. I lived in Miami for 2 years and still in Palm Beach now. All my co-workers are Cuban and they love America and hate communism more than a natural born American.

Do you know any Cubans? I bet you don't. So shut up and sit down faggot

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I didn't see/hear him say a word

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Any FL resident here (myself included) need to be contacting Desantis about this illegal raid and he needs to know he better do something about this intrusion of communist forces in FL.

It's time to go scorched earth on these scumbag communists

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and this last 20 years of speaking the truth

AJ is the ONLY one to warn us of the rise of the medial tyranny state and the great rest years ago (also the war on men). Everything that is happening today, he tried to warn us.

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I find it funny Kevin is shilling for this cunt when he's not even a resident of WY.

He can't vote for her, he can't save her.

She's a dead RINO


Eat shit you neocon faggots

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Pence will never hold office again

He's finished and he knows it

faggot swamp creature

the fly didn't lie

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lol that's an ATF agent? lolol

I feel much better about our chances all of a sudden

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you should block your child's face as well. I will never show my child's face on the internet

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