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Our retarded govt will walk right over homeless people and mass genocide... but if you don't allow dudes to fuck.... we're bombing you even further into the stone age

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we don't play tranny-make-believe here lol

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Totally what normal people who aren't corrupt in any possible way would do.

What a fucking joke. These people need to be hung by tall trees.

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I got to the "because I allowed them (the governors / states) this freedom" part and stopped reading.

That was a fucked up thing to say.

States Rights.

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Unless another random volcano explodes in some remote pacific area releasing more CO2 than humans ever could release given billions of years.... Then move the goal posts another 5 or 10 years. Enough time to pocket more donations!

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The only ones that will have the balls or the insanity of mind to arrest their political opponents will be the Left.

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that retarded, criminal, plastic-faced old bitch Pelosi tore this beautiful speech up.

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The young people see it this way. Only the 25+ year old neo liberal retards are the ones that don't.

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The only problem the average citizen has, as happened on J6, is its a little difficult for them to fight someone with advanced military hand to hand combat training. That's why they use feds and not paid marks

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That was Coons' daughter. Still a minor at that time. OANN confirmed that she was in photos on the laptop

The terrified nipple pinch girl was another even younger girl who has even gone to media sources and confirmed that is what he did to her because she remembers it.

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The stacked up trash on that receptacle and literally nothing on the ground says to me that shit hasn't quite hit the fan yet.

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