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It is very, very strange. Seems that's a fast autopsy report if it's really already in.

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Meanwhile bus loads of regular real American's are being bused by the thousands to Covid camps and not a peep out of them. You deserve your fate.

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They are going into hyper kill mode now. Not even trying to hide it. Get you jab and get on the vent and get in that casket. They are going to eliminate half the U.S. population by next year.

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It’s not weird they are pushing the jab. Probably get some sort of government money to do that.

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This mask takes up more space than 1,000 cigarette butts.

TrumpLandslide20201 150 points ago +151 / -1

See it every day and it's not boomers, it's everyone.

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Gap and Oakley sign $10,000,000 contract with GSA to outfit federal agents with gay cuck apparel.

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Hey, that's a good day compared to what is about to happen from here on out until Trump is back. Trump Won By A Lot And The Entire World Knows It!

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This just in. Biden says it's Russian dis-information.

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Do NOT put in mailboxes. Just leave them on the doorknob or something. The last thing we need is an uproar about us being mail fraudsters and getting locked up in their banana republic prisons.

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