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Hey, I don’t blame you!

It’s perfectly reasonable you were cynical.

What’s even more beautiful , is that after Trump proving himself, you changed your mind, and you still stand for him as ge stands fir us all.

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So what happened to him? I checked his twitter... is this due to lifting injuries?

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I want some of that audit money! All the work I'm doing.

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Think about how Pence would be perceived had he done that.

Win or lose, Pence would be beloved 2nd to only Trump.

He would have also secured his own Presidency for two terms.

What a coward.

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Good, but you got a typo..

Should be “I’m glad..”

You have “ I glad”

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Dude, I’m fighting to help find the fraud in CO.

We got the mother fucking receipts.

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You know, come to think of it.. I can’t recall a single time outside the inauguration I heard ‘Hail to the Chief’ when Trump appeared on screen.

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Officially, 1700 people reportedly died from COVID.

With their own states, people who actually got covid, 99.99% Survived.

1700/ 121000 = 0.01 %

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