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"My heteronormative transphobic partner is not allowing me and my children (who use xem/xir pronouns) to get the trauma-informed gender-affirming therapy that we need!"

Instant win, it's like a cheat code.

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Just got pulled in the 6th inning (of 7). Did one hell of a job, and the GEOTUS-signed hat just adds to it.

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Do you ever wonder why so many people are fighting so hard to prevent any sort of examination of the "most safe and secure election" we have ever had? Like me, you might start to think that it probably wasn't.

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Yep, I've been following this since it started. This assessment is spot on

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In my opinion, the AZ audit should be the spark that ignites the audit powder keg. If this report is as big as I think it's going to be, then there should be no problem getting audits started in places where Republicans control the state legislature (GA, PA).

I am actually looking forward to more red state audits (TX, FL, MT). If we find major fraud there then all bets are off.

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Some of the largest estimates I have heard is 200,000 to 300,000 fraudulent votes.

I don't think it will be that many, but I do think that somewhere in the neighborhood from 25,000 to 75,000 fraudulent votes will be the margin. Come back to this comment tomorrow to see if I was on target or not 🇺🇸

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The dooming energy is strong today. However, Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers has been talking some major game on Telegram, definitely not the type of stuff that would precede a confirmation of Joe Biden's "victory". Keep your head up pede, 3:00 p.m. Central Time tomorrow 🇺🇸

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This times 100. Cannot be any sort of doubt in the report tomorrow. No "well there are 25,000 votes that might be fraudulent but we'll let the voters fix it". This is our one chance to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that the election was stolen that Trump really did win in a landslide victory.

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Not sure how you can say this when the results aren't even out yet...

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This is one of the least possible theories in my opinion. If everything was 100% correct, verifiable, and squared away, The audit would have been completed long ago. Think of it like a teacher grading a test: if you have all your answers right, then they can fly through it. If your answers are wrong, the handwriting is indecipherable in some places, and you didn't hand in both pages of the test, it's going to be much harder for her to give you a good grade.

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That's what makes me angry when people say "there's no constitutional precedent to reinstall someone".

So if someone steals the election and it is later proven completely fraudulent, we just sit around and say, "oh well I guess that's it, he's President for the next four years?"

If AZ decertifies, then my guess is it goes to SCOTUS to determine whether or not you can actually recall / decertify electors after January 6th.

Do I have faith in SCOTUS to do the right thing? Of course not. But with how long this audit took, it better be ironclad and bulletproof evidence. At this point this is our Hail Mary.

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Yes SCOTUS is full of fags, rinos, and pussies, but I'll take winning over losing any day of the week. And I'm not tired of winning just yet.

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Windows and paint chips are no match for the taste of whiskey and nails in the morning...

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Notice he didn't say "We will win the big beautiful WHITE HOUSE back in 2024"

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DJT stream just crashed out on rumble, anyone else experience this?

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Is this the rally live thread? Haven't seen anything stickied like there has been for the past 2 rallies.

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Because if they rush the report and get a few things wrong, then all the media will call them out and say, "Audits can't be trusted, look at what happened in AZ!!!" We lose audit momentum and no one wants to do them anymore.

The best thing they can do is release an ironclad report detailing everything with irrefutable evidence. Remember that this has to stand up to SCOTUS review (not likely but possible), so everything is being checked with a fine tooth comb.

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