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I always thought Iraq moved them into Syria or hid them.

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Even at peak pandemic I never had someone ask me to mask at a drive thru. WTF?

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Anyone heard off menengitis as a side effect of the jab?

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Haven't really heard anything political out of him either way...which usually means they aren't lefties.

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Some good eggs from that era of SNL: Schneider, Miller, Lovitz, NORM (RIP). I also suspect that Sandler leans more right than left.

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Because any journalist that follows up on it would at best be ignored by their superiors and at worst, fired.

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Live in Gainesville. I knew it was us. The City Commission is a dumpster fire right now. Four have resigned, but one un-resigned. It's a nightmare.

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"Out of Darkness is a 2015 historical young adult novel by Ashley Hope Pérez. The novel chronicles a love affair between a teenage Mexican American girl and a teenage African-American boy in 1930s New London, Texas, occurring right up to the 1937 New London School explosion.[1]"

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Glad this sub is vetting this stuff. The info is not bad but we gotta have good ammo for the normies.

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