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Uh-oh, we got a Zionist shill! You clearly want to destroy the country with pornography and money.

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I've never posted anything but pro Trump content lmao. Show me what I posted that was anti-trump. You on the other hand support Putin, and hate Jews.

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Mods should do something about the people posting threatening PMs to me and organizing with bots and alternate accounts to downvote me, but won't.

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I don't even know how you noticed that lol

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Yeah that's about the best interpretation I can see for that. Like the husband is just thinking to himself she'll get over it but I can't argue or it'll just make it last longer lol

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This seems to be solely about getting back at her conservative parents, that's the only indication I can see here. She says that she is married, has money, wanted a baby before, but now does not simply because of politics. Let's see how long that lasts lol

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Well I mean we did kind of see that in Texas already.

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You downvote original posts, I've explained this to you a hundred times but apparently you are actually literally retarded so you will never understand.

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II can’t speak for this user as I don’t know what their thought process is but, a lot of people here don’t like Bill Mitchell.

Doesn't matter. It's not against the rules to post Bill Mitchell. Or anybody else that supports Trump. It is however against the rules to openly admit to harassing and creating alternate accounts to downvote people with. If you really care about the integrity of this website, you will report this person. u/kansityshuffle88 Make sure to use the other tab and explain that he does this.

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Lmao the phrasing you use, what does narcissism mean to me? The meaning of words don't change depending on the person. That would be what a narcissist would believe.

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u/kansityshuffle88 is an insane leftist that has gotten the idea that I am some other user, I am not slow motion, I've never heard of this account, I do not know why he keeps talking about it. I am also not Bill Mitchell. That is completely laughable, it's been confirmed multiple times that I am not this user. We do not live in the same state, I simply like the content that he posts. Because it is positive and pro-Trump. People that have some sort of problem with this guy constantly threaten me and tell me not to post his content, this does not deter me, I will continue to post Bill Mitchell. As well as many other Trump supporters.

The real reason he is doing this is because he is a leftist, he does not like that I post content that the average pro trumper supports, he only wants content from insane racist anti Jew conspiracy theorist to make it to the top, he gets incredibly angered when they do not. His goal is to completely destroy and clownify the Trump movement for the average viewer that views this website. He also downloads original posts, not just my comments. You cannot downvote an original post without hacking, so not only is he creating alternate accounts, he is abusing the code of this website itself.

I am pro Trump, I have been a pro Trump supporter since day one. I convinced family members that loved George Bush to vote for Trump over Jeb. I hated Jeb. I hated McCain, I hated Romney. I am pro maga I've never once made an anti-trump post. On the other hand, kansityshuffle88 makes leftist s content on a daily basis, he made a post saying that he was a racist, he made another post saying that he loved Putin and that he hoped they would nuke the US. I had to report this, and the mods deleted it. For some reason they do not ban this piece of shit though.

It is time for everybody to come together, and rid this shit stain, and everybody like him, from this website. there is an open war going on against Patriots here, they want us to leave, they want to have this place for themselves, to destroy Trump, to destroy the brand.

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We had a recession in 2008 though, and there's been smaller recessions in between those years.

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Lmao JFK was a high-class thug.

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Either all these people change, or you did. The latter seems a lot more likely. Bill Mitchell did nothing wrong. He got banned from Twitter because he said that you should not breathe your own CO2 over and over in a mask. Nobody will defend that? You are brainwashed.

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