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I had a neighbor vet try and tell me the flag I have in my office window is not regulation. I told him that only government officials and structures are required to follow regulation and that the rest of us are bound by the first amendment.

He looked confused. I offered him a beer and to show him my collection of constitutional books I have. He joined me for the beer and we talked about things like 2nd amendment and I explained to him that I cheer for "Let's Go Brandon" often. That got a smile out of him when I explained.

He is good now and we are better frens.

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Barnes is actually a legit pro-bono lawyer. He knows the other cases he will take up will make him good money, He is strategic and knows what's up.

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They also hire tons of illegals by proxy.

Plus their food is garbage, buy your meats locally at a butcher. It is also healthier.

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as the chans say: "A dick sucking faggot"

the chans don't need to fuck him, he is doing a fine job doing it to himself

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My IRL Brandon friend is loving that his name is synonymous with fuck Joe Biden!

by Pfiend
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Why is he pandering? He has FU money. Who is he trying to please?

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The old generation has a ton of wealth that is sitting doing nothing, once it goes to the younger generations or to nobody after they die then that allows more liquidity for oligarchs and nepotism.

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am west coast pede. wake up checking new for big stories, check rising on and off every hour while working, move to new when the alcohol comes out and need some fun

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"It's DICK SUCKING FAGGOT, to you sir, thank YOU very much!"

~~ Bill Mitchell

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I am in CA, and if they are from the metro areas, this is true, 100%.

Go to the mountains or the far north, and you get nearly a 180 degree feeling about the person.

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can you post a mirror or explanation for those of us that refuse to click china tiktok links please?

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why not just post the direct screenshot instead of driving traffic to a honeypot with ads? The image service here is way better then going to a new link, you can see it inline.

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