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Lol boomers going to boom I guess.

Watch the documentary Billion Lives.

I know new things and technology can be scary to older people but its okay, even you could understand that documentary.

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A ton of people are saying they wont get it, and will even leave their jobs. Police, Fire Fighters, nurses, and more. Even groups like the International Association of Fire Fighters (They represent almost 300,000 individuals at more than 3,300 member affiliates across the U.S. and Canada.) Have said they don't support it.

This very well could be the straw that breaks the covids back. It's defiantly going to be crazy either way.

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10s of millions? That's cute... There are 400milion living downstream. I think the 3GD is the main reason China absent started a kenetic war yet. All it would take is one properly placed explosive or missile and the CCP would be brought to its knees in less than 24 hours.

If 3GD fails the CCP has basically 2 oprions go full retard and start lobbing nukes to try and stop any power thinking of cleaning up the remains and taking China or give up and release the chinese people to a new government.

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The entire clip is odd, all her head movements almost seem involuntary.

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One of our biggest problem as patriots in America is the size of the country. Many of these European countries standing up arm are like what, the size of Texas? With the size of america its going to be pretty hard IMO to get any numbers close to Europe in one spot. We need to simultaneously show up in numbers in every (most) states on the same day. If only one or two states show up in numbers the media can warp what happens in anyway they choose.

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Blacks make up approximately 13% of the US population while they dont commit 48% of the crime

This is fun OP.

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Oh I do hate them, a year or two ago I would agree with you. At this point they should be on the fast track to suck Satan's dick.

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As much as I hate the CCP and would love to see its collapse, the Yihetan dam failing could lead to the largest single cause of death in human history. This dam is upstream from the Three Georges Dam. Debris from the Yihetan damn could cause and other dams in its path could cause the Three Georges to fail which could lead the 100Million+ potentially dead. Upwards of 400 million live downstream of the damn.

Fuck the CCP, but the loss of 100million + people in a days time would be the worst event in human history

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Back when occupy started the first few days there where a ton of conservatives and republicans present. Then the elite sent in their hard core leftist to currupt the movement and get the liberals and conservatives present to attack each other. Tim pool talks about it in one of his podcast. He was on the ground there and saw it all go down.

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Yes they can, many times police have used text message records received via subpoena to call provider to buid cases against murderers. Are they monitoring all your messages? No that would require way to much effort, are the logging all your mesages and keeping then in a database somewhere? Yes.

Some states like texas they dont need a warrent or anything to receive the records they just have to ask the provider for them.

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Or puts on then foil hat as masses start to die off from weak immune systems via vaccine project blue beam kicks off and we must unite despite the deaths to stop the 'aliens'. After the 'aliens' are 'defeated' and ((they)) have drastically dropped the global population, ((they)) make a one world government to stop the next use of blue beam that is used on countries that did not join.

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Glad this has been stickied. I have talked for a while how corrupt and imbeded the cartel are in Texas. I live in central texas in a major city and most the people here have no idea how bad it is. They have power outside the RGV. the further north you get the more 'professional' and less 'gang like' they get. The cartels own large commercial businesses, car dealerships, warehouses, politicians, and more across the entire state.

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