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I haven't seen a single one of his live streams tbh....it's very difficult for me to dedicate time to sit down and watch some individual give their view on politics.

I'm not at all bashing him, or his viewers either. I only wish I had time to do such things. I own two businesses, have a wife a son and daughter, and hobbies.

I'm always taken back in amazement by people who actually have the time to sit down and dedictae their time to watch someone sit behind their computer talking on YouTube or rumble.

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We don't have to be Christian...we don't have to be a vet either...all we have to be is white...vote MAGA....


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Well of course...they were hoping for exactly this happening as a result of Jan 6...it didn't happen then...they were again hoping for exactly that after the raid...

I know many here...some legit...some glowing motherfuckers...would have you believe everyone is too pussified....I would strongly disagree...

If Trump can keep his cool...AND IT WAS HIS HOUSE...HIS LIFE...surely level headed Patriots will and have.

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Wait...not even that made sense...

Inflation is this administration's #1 priority.

Reducing prices on things is this administration's #1 priority.

Those are two distinct priorities...YES reducing inflation would by default reduce the price of items, however, that's not what inflation is. Inflation is the USD devalued.

They can do BOTH of those things...reduce inflation bringing down costs, and bring them down even more with sound policies on things like...I dunno...ENERGY by becoming INDEPENDENT ONCE AGAIN!

Put back in place Trump's work of reducing the costs of insulin?!?! I could go on and on...

This isn't "almost Orwellian" ... this is Orwell on a full blown steroid cycle WITH HGH on top of that...

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I COMPLETELY get what you Frens are saying, and you are all correct. That said, what can they actually do being in the minority?

This I honestly don't know. Is there something they can?

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yes you did and yes he did...someone DID let him know. the poster claiming otherwise has yet to provide sauce on that claim of SS NOT telling him.

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same! Trump City has a nice ring to it...perhaps would even have a MONORAIL! (shitty Simpsons reference)

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holy shit...so he says a whole lot of nothing...followed by a Hannity statement on the FBI...

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I have YET to see 'this place agitate for violent attacks' on the Feds.'

Quite the opposite.

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That's some BS psychology class...I JUST went through four years of it...NOTHING this fake and gay was taught.

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exactly...I'm not either. Not because I intend to get violent or anything...the reality is, they are not out there 'attacking' or 'arresting' or 'auditing' every damn republican citizen. We are NOWHERE near a scenario like that.

Like the comment above these

all fun and games until 30 fbi agents show up because you complained about CRT in schools.

NOTHING like that has even come close to happening, nor will it. That is a complete over exaggeration that in itself is fake and gay.

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You tend to use this site as a general public forum. Go to the tech communities.win and keep shit like this out of here. That is WHY those were built.

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