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well she did say we already have 40 which is damn near half already

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can you show me that video? I lost someone during that horrific event...I am wholeheartedly wanting to know...just why so many people think that was all staged. It kills me...especially since I am 100000% MAGA but then many of my MAGA brothers and sisters think I'm insane for 'believing' Sandy Hook happened.

I don't have to 'believe'...I KNOW...because it fucked me up for a long time having to come to terms with losing one of my best friend's daughter.

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that's what is SO irritating about being here...I'm ALL about MAGA, I lost a loved one during that tragedy...yet so many "on our side" like to always believe there is just something more going on that isn't REALLY there...it's their way of feeling intelligent or something...as if "they know something no one else does" and it makes them feel special....

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how was his response a strawman? His original post was regarding EXACTLY what he just responded to you with. If anything, your reply to his was the strawman.

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this is enjoyable watching you trigger these folks...and trigger them for what? merely being intelligent and eloquent in that you don't really care one way or the other about Mr. Jones? Dayum...what a leftist commie you are! lol

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Have an updoot fren....I'm right there with you man...I've said pretty much exactly what you did above in other threads...regarding going out in the real world, helping people etc.... though mine was regarding the Saltine cracker guy fandom...

Alex is well...yeah...while the lawsuit is complete bullshit...what's even more bullshit is wasting so much of your own life, listening to some other human that you don't know and them not know you...do nothing more than sharing their own opinions. Oh...that and I own a Tesla Model S (among many other non EVs)...and absolutely fucking love Tesla...so of course. I'm a dirty pedo commie too. hahahaha

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he was asking how to pronounce 'Martin Penya" not how to read

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Please explain to me how spacex and starlink are bullshit...

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you have no idea what you're talking about either...Musk hasn't ever been 'low-key'

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so you pay monthly for a static ip address?

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I have yet to see any big push to eat bugs...saw an article on it a while back but not a 'push' so to speak.

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do you know how many have thought that initially only for them to do a 180? A LOT!

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I've been saying exactly that. Nice to see another level head in here fren!

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except they don't aid in that at all...that's like blaming gun manufacturers if a jogger shoots and kills someone. Teva doesn't provide medicine to ANYONE except pharmacies. On that note...there is no such thing as 'puberty blockers'...it's medicine typically used for other ailments that has since been used as a 'puberty blocker'.

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People...Teva DOES NOT PROVIDE medication to children. They provide it to pharmacies. The medicine is dual use. IT'S THE DOCTORS THAT PRESCRIBE IT FOR CHILDREN. Hating on Teva would be like hating on a gun manufacturer for a jogger shooting and killing someone with that gun.

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That said, it really is the business model to follow...Tesla has proven that it lessens both production costs and time by building every vehicle identical and then only charging for those extra things if the buyer wants them. Of those things the ONLY one that Tesla charges is for Advanced AutoPilot (Autodriving the highways using GPS including auto lane changes), the ability to remotely summon your car from a parking lot, and Full Self Driving. They all come with Basic Autopilot which is the most intelligent auto steering cruise control. Even the low end $35,000 one.

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jokes aside, it IS one of the things I like most about my car...wake up in the AM...start the car, its climate control, and turn on the heated seat from my phone. Walk up to it...recessed door handle automatically reveals itself, I get inside, press the brake pedal, and the large 17" display notifies me that I have an update available...I sip my coffee and read the release notes...and am very pleasantly surprised my car got several upgrades at no cost...all while I was asleep!

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finding a charger isn't difficult at all...in fact, the car will drive itself to one during a trip if needed. I live in a smaller rural city...we have 5 stations, 2 of them just got the 250kw upgraded chargers. 1000 miles in 30 mins (500 mi in 12)

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