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Honestly, my first thought was "ah that's too much (as in like a way too long comeback to a joke at your expense)" but my second thought is that this might actually be pretty effective if it's done right.

You'd need a weak but not overly weak picture of Biden for this to work, remember we don't want to gain a sliver with blacks while losing our boomer and older voters! That's the downside of making fun of Biden's obvious ineptitude, there's a line between he's totally incompetent and he's old that we shouldn't want to cross.

While I'm here let me just say that Trump would win Florida tomorrow and forever if he campaigned on ending homestead property taxes for retirees.

--signed, a 29-year-old Floridian.

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Old news, DeSantis was bought before he was even Governor.

You want to know how easy it is to tell he's a media invented candidate?

Those of you not from Florida, tell me what news you heard about DeSantis between December 2018 and September 2020. Next, explain to me why the media chose to frame DeSantis as 'Trump without Trump' for ending his lockdowns in the fall when Brian Kemp ended his in May.

DeSantis is the biggest con job the establishment has pulled over the voters of the Republican party.......ok, ok it's A con job they've pulled over the voters of the republican party lmao.

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Scoff you're asking WHY we're in Syria? Scoff Ha, what are you A TERRORIST ANTI-PATRIOT? Freedom and Democracy are our greatest gifts (Faggotry and Demonism) and it's our duty to spread it wherever the people cry out for it (resource rich countries that we've destabilized on purpose) and give them their freedom back from tyranny (enslave and impoverish otherwise well off people).

Anyway, we need to get serious people back in the room in 2024 and put America back on top! (Conservatives fall for this because it's vague but they think it refers to ousting Biden, when really it's all about ensuring Trump and later on, an actual representative of the people doesn't get within a country mile of being president)

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No see that’s too rational and explanatory.

Something like “Trump is a cold mofo, Biden is a cold corpse”

Obviously there should have been a ton of “Orange is the black” stuff from the actual campaign just because it’s catchy and it wouldn’t have offended the bitch ass moderates.

Instead we got months and months of attention on the platinum plan, as if most black people could even read it to begin with. While white working class Americans didn’t get anything from Trump when they gave him the victory in 2016. Ironically enough it shows in the final results: Trump improved his votes with everyone…except white people.

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No the reality is DeSantis shat the bed so much that if DJT had gotten arrested DeSantis' campaign would be polling in the teens despite having hundreds of millions in free media coverage

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All we had to do to win the black male vote was put up billboards in the ghettoes that said "Trump is a real nigga" and "Be Gay and Vote Democrat/Biden"

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Ron DeSantis is an empty suit. A candidate invented by the media. DJT said it as exactly as it is.

Edit: If the DeFaggot brigade is downvoting, I must be doing something right lol

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It's disgusting what this empire of lies has done in the name profit and power. Absolutely awful stuff. We need to gut military spending in this country and eliminate 99% of discretionary (secret) spending. Audit the damn fed and let's what filth they've kept hidden.

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Erm what the scallop? This is extremely extreme. I think we should just have our faggy neocon leaders say something halfwitted about this on one of the many fake and gay 'conservative' programs and smirk as if they're truly impressed by what they just said.


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First of all, stop citing one source without context as if it's an answer.

Second, this is calculating production DURING A PERIOD OF WAR. Eastern Ukraine is the richest and most productive part of the damn country in industry as well as agriculture. All of that supply is gone right now.

I don't understand your motive for downplaying how important Ukraine is to the global food market. I support Russia in this thing at the very least because a Russian total victory will make the globalists think twice about the next foreign quagmire.

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Hmm, is that why after the Ukrainian grain deal Ukraine is directing almost all of its product to European countries?

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After we used DU rounds in Iraq, cases of leukemia rose by 60 percent and birth defects tripled. though that could also have been because of the inhumane sanctions we put on Iraq that led to the deaths of 500,000 children.

We ARE the evil empire.

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Yes! His breakdown of valuation was a revelation for me. It's helped me enunciate why I'm in favor of free enterprise and generally free markets.

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What are you talking about?

Brian freaking Kemp of all people reopened his state in MAY 2020.

Stop rewriting history just because the media freaks out about one guy and not the other.

DeSantis is a globalist stooge and if you take a look at what he's actually done you'll see the reality that he's media made. None of his bills have done anything in opposition to the enemy. It's all sound and fury and no action.

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I agree with you.

Dave is genuinely more funny than Steven, and has less politicization attached to him which makes him come across more grounded and salt of the earth.

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Because DeSantis, for all that the media has hyped him up, is a mediocre governor. Sound and fury but when you take a look at his actions they are lacking.

His hyped up social media bill, was shallow and only protects politicians. His school initiatives have been paying off teachers and doing the bare minimum that a sane person would have done when it comes to not perverting our children. Well, until they're in the 5th grade then it's open season!

All in all, DeSantis is who he was before he became a potential threat to President Trump. He's a Neo-Conservative who supports liberal free trade. Right now every bit of news you see on him, even the ostensibly 'negative' news is all a front to hype him up. It's meant to get well intentioned fools to stab the only guy who had gone to bat for them in the back. And then? They'll rig the election anyway or let him win. Because the unfortunate truth is, DeSantis is not in opposition to the system. He's a cog in it, and even the actions he takes that seem to be against that system aren't. It's like thinking that because a wheel in a clock goes counter-clockwise that it's fighting the clock. It's doing precisely what it's meant to be doing.

In conclusion, DeSantis is keeping quiet because he is waiting and seeing what happens before making a choice to be loud and protesting Trump's arrest or keeping quiet and exploiting Trump's legal troubles in the campaign season. Most likely he'll keep quiet and make at most a snarky remark if Trump isn't able to make it to a debate. Example: "I'm the one speaking up right now for X."

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You got downvotes but you're not wrong.

Personally, I just got tired of Crowder trying way too hard to be funny and failing.

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Here we have the milquetoast 'ostensibly' republican response

Edit: You want to have your eyes opened and never not see one of these again? ...You sure? Ok, don't say I didn't warn you.

  1. The Milquetoast republican response begins with a stating of a fact or facts that are indisputable to a non-Satanist. "This virus came from China." "The Manhattan DA is abusing his office to target President Trump." "We are wasting our tax dollars in Ukraine." You get the picture.
  2. Afterwards, it's followed up with a supposed accomplishment by the establishment GOP. "we've written an angry letter.' "We stopped a bill." "We've launched an investigation."
  3. Followed by changing the subject to something else because they've only made this commentary to begin with in order to point out that they made this commentary and avoid being criticized for it.
  4. Now ask yourself why Ron DeSantis has a history of not even responding to these events for at least a week after it's broken as news?
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This is why the "live and let live crowd" are useful idiots at best.

Do you want a clean, beautiful country you'd be happy and eager to father 8 children into knowing they'd be well off if you just raise them right? It isn't free.

You want a dirty, GDamned and hideous country you're terrified o fathering a single child into and then doubly afraid of affording the bare minimum that child would need just to have him or her be perverted and turned against you? Well friend, that shit is freeeeeeEEE! Just sit on the couch, do your job and let it be.

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If Donald Trump is arrested we won't have a country

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