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They would have signed up to fight FOR the Nazi’s and wheeled FDR and his degenerate wife’s ass to a brick wall and gotten a midget to shoot the former and tied a boulder to the latter and dropped her in the Atlantic.

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Don't forget that the Confederates had the first Jewish person in a Presidential cabinet!


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lol so wait did Trump win Pennsylvania in 2020 or didn't he? If you actually believe he won it, then it wouldn't make sense not to feature him prominently in your campaign.

Alternatively you could just admit this is a cope. It won't cost you anything except your pride, knowing you'll put up with even a Muslim, tranny supporting, Turkish citizen, RINO representing you.

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My fantasy ending for this shitshow of a race is for fetterman to win, then immediately get a stroke and die in January 2023 and then have Governor Mastriano replace him with Kathy Barnette.

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Because Mormonism is a heretical perversion of Christianity founded on deceit. This is why Mormons in office lie as easily as they breathe.

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lol yeah my belief in Demoooocracy tells me the drooling halfwits who show up to vote would vote out the only people trying to help them every single time.

We need to repeal voting laws back to 1830's levels.

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It's still a war...we're still fighting over there, fighting ISIS, fighting Syrian Civil War border crossers, ensuring that the Kurds and Iraqis don't start up a war against each other, etc. A military base in Germany or Japan this ain't.

I want to own Drunklosi as much as the next sexual tyrannosaur, but this was still a slip. It's an admission that we're still in a state of forever war.

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We still have thousands of troops in Iraq btw, she ain't wrong. In fact the numbers are underreported because we also have many PMC's over there. My buddy is one of them.

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As much as I support the civil rights movement.

This is why you're uncool

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Good lord. I hope you're trolling me because it worked. TIM SCOTT'S PRIMARY IS TODAY.

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It’s too bad white people are more scared of being called racist than of voting in literal black supremacists.

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I know you retards in South Carolina are going to vote for kneeling BLM loving Tim Scott over an actual Conservative, but at least vote out Nancy Mace.

Edit: since y'all are so ignorant https://ballotpedia.org/United_States_Senate_election_in_South_Carolina,_2022

South Carolina Senate PRIMARY is today.

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No we just need men worthy of the Word.

hands, teeth, bullets, knives, or chopper rides. What matters is the strength behind each of those.

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This is retarded. Again we lose by playing into the liberal mentality.

The issue with sex changes is that they’re satanic and inhuman not that they’re too expensive.

Fuck me man. Have we really not moved on from being 2010’s Republicans?

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No no, we just need to "return to traditional societal embracement of sodomy" after all this is a Judeo-Sodomite-Christian nation and freedom.

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