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Moscow and down loaded up and truckin

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It's the same gesture Damar Hamlin was giving at the Bill's game

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Yea she's hideous. Hard to find any of her sans photoshop

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Wtf happened between pic 2&3? She went from "girl next door" to "crack whore". Is that the period she sold her soul?

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She's from Texas and getting away with speaking this kind of bullshit shows me what I already knew, no state is impervious to liberal mentality

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I grew up poor and remember the power going out in the winter, the gas stove was the only thing giving us heat

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The media, including Fox pushed Mittens. The frickin brainwashed old school GOP voters ate it up thinking Fox was for them and not sponsored opposition

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Thank you Matt! I didn't know what to expect when I voted for you, keep making America First decisions

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Why was his shoes making sparks? I like that flare, need to see more

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When someone backed into me in a parking lot, I don't remember the cops asking the driver if he was vaxxed. This article is horse shit. It is Yahoo sooo...

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Just search her name. Lots of people claim it was a birth defect, which was the official story. However from what I've seen from Hollywood the last few years I'm sure they would do sick shit and have the money to cover themselves.

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Heather O'rouke the young star of the Spielberg film Poltergeist died after complications of her bowels. Highly suspected that she was gang raped.

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They'll still have a few people working to unload trucks and stock the frozen beef pucks into the machinery and people to clean the store and bathroom.

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The thinking was if people sit around waiting for the coffee to get to a safe temp they'd get bored and eventually order food

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Sorry I'm late here, but I feel like this lady is a modern day Rosa Parks. She should get a statue for not conforming.

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The dems are acting live this means she'll be voting conservative or something where in reality she's still be voting 90-95% for dem agenda

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"Cracker" isn't new, it's been rolling off our backs for decades

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I hope he takes his own life. I said it. Don't care who agrees with me, he murdered his daughter.

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