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Anyone that understands the Agenda knows that they don’t control both parties and both sides.

They control all parties and all sides, right and left, up and down (above and below).

They aim to divide and conquer, confuse and distract, obfuscate and eliminate.

They aim to control every aspect of life and community beyond conception to grave (Eternal Enslavement).

One Word exposes the entire system. It is why Voat was shut down.

They cannot put a label on Racine, nor can they control the narrative of Racine, because The Truth has been shared since the beginning.

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SBF and his mom know about Racine, Wisconsin.

Jeff Epstein, Chuck Schumer, the Emanuels and the Knights of Pythias know about Racine.

The Center for Voter Information was a key partner to control elections.

CTCL is another. Zuckerberg-Chan Foundation, Obama Foundation, Knight Foundation and Community Foundations are a few of the many partners involved.

Racine is The Word they cannot allow the world to know and share.

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There is One Word they cannot allow the world to know and share.

It is not hateful, nor profane, nor violent, nor anything but The Truth.

One Word will expose the Root, reveal the Agenda and deny the Mark.

All of the elite global secret societies know the significance.

It is also the reason why Voat was shut down.

The Word is Racine.

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Peter Doocy is controlled opposition reporting.

Look at their friendly banter.

He is not allowed to discuss the biggest story in the world and Root, gateway and model for rigged elections and their entire Agenda - Racine, Wisconsin.

Paul Ryan knows why.

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The only way to win is to not play their game.

Instead of trusting the corrupt, dysfunctional and weaponized process Kari Lake and others should Trust in Jesus Christ and The Truth and help Expose the Root, gateway and model for rigged elections and their entire Agenda:

Racine, Wisconsin

Racine and Arizona are closely connected. Ask the Johnsons and Rothschilds. What was the Rotary Award named after No Name? What is the significance of Taliesin? Who is John Jeffry Louis and who owns the Arizona Republic?


Who are the New Deal Leaders?

Adrian Fontes knows.

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This organization is not to be trusted.

Larry and Christine Whitman know all about Racine, Wisconsin.


Why is there a four-sided clock at the 52 second mark? What is the Four-Way Test? What is the Fourth Way?


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This is correct, and the ultimate Agenda is far worse than most can imagine.

They not only plan to control every aspect of life and community from conception to cradle to career to grave.

They plan to control beyond.

Eternal enslavement is the Agenda.

It may sound unreal, yet it is very real.

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Weiner is a member of both NXIVM and Knights of Pythias.

Schumer is his mentor.

Lady Gaga also grew up in the famous Knights of Pythias lodge in New York.

Both NXIVM and Knights of Pythias are closely connected with the Root of their entire Agenda:

Racine, Wisconsin

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Why do Lee Enterprises executives sit on the board of the Associated Press?

Warren Buffett and John Jeffry Louis know why.

So does Paul Ryan who now sits on the board at Fox.

You won’t be hearing the real story about Racine, Wisconsin on Fox or reading about it in any newspaper in America.

Racine is also the reason why Voat was shut down.

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Why did Joe Biden make the “highly unusual move” to rig a billion dollar referendum in the small city of Racine, Wisconsin in the April 2020 primary directly connected with Zuckerberg, Makanju, Obama, Soros, Gates, Fauci, Mason Lab and Cornell University to manipulate the election and recount process using COVID?

Racine is the model for community health, community education and community policing, Agenda 21 and 2030, and rigging elections.

Anna Makanju led the community organizing in Racine with Soros and Obama, she advised Biden’s Ukraine deals, and led censorship with Facebook and big tech along with Brad Smith, President of Microsoft who grew up in Racine.

SBF is connected through the Center for Voter Information as partners with CTCL, CEIR, Zuckerberg-Chan Foundation, Obama Foundation, Knight Foundation and other groups involved. Kives, Kutcher, Oseary, Burkle, Clinton, Podestas, and a long list of players are connected. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are also involved. Robin Vos and Greta Neubauer control both sides in Wisconsin out of Racine and Racine County. Racine and Arizona are also closely connected.

Here is part of the story and why Zuckerberg funneled his money through the corrupt mayor of Racine who is rumored to be leaving office following Milwaukee’s corrupt mayor leaving for Luxembourg.


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The entire system is rigged. Both parties. All parties. All branches.

One Word exposes the entire network and Agenda.

This is how to change the game.

We need a model.

There is none better than their own Root and model for the rigged elections and their entire Agenda beyond.

It is Paul Ryan’s district.

Expose the Root. Reveal the Agenda. Deny the Mark.

The Word is Racine.

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Here is another related article:


CEIR’s Zuck bucks strategy mirrored that of another Zuckerberg donee in 2020: the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), another “good government” group, which dumped roughly $350 million into thousands of local elections offices in a thinly veiled effort to privatize the election in these key jurisdictions. CTCL’s Zuck bucks favored Democratic vote-rich cities in battleground states and heavily boosted Biden turnout

Take Wisconsin, the first state targeted by Zuck bucks, where 84 percent of the $10.1 million CTCL paid out went to the state’s five biggest cities, all of which broke for Biden. Per capita, CTCL grants in Biden counties averaged $3.75 per person and just $0.55 in Trump counties. Those five cities used CTCL grants to fuel the so-called Wisconsin Safe Voting Plan, which revolved around drop boxes, mail-in ballots and processing equipment, and last-minute changes to early voting laws. In all likelihood, without Zuck bucks the scheme would have proven impossible to implement.

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Racine, Wisconsin is the Root of the rigged elections and their entire Agenda.

Obama, Biden, Makanju, Gates, Zuckerberg, Romney, Ryan and so many others are connected.

It is an evolution of the philanthropic cover and deception devised over a century ago by Frederick Taylor Gates who became Rockefeller’s most trusted advisor after marrying his replacement wife Emma Cahoon in Racine.

CTCL and Center for Voter Information are two of many groups connected.


The Truth of Racine has been shared since the beginning. It is why they shut Voat down.

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Both connect to Racine, Wisconsin.



Anna Makanju was the key advisor to Biden’s corrupt Ukraine deals. She led censorship with Zuckerberg at Facebook, and she focused community organizing as an operative for Soros in Racine, Wisconsin where Biden rigged a billion dollar referendum in the April 2020 primary. Elite pedophile billionaires run Racine. The family company in Racine was also a key sponsor of the US-Ukraine Business Council events.


Racine is the Root of the rigged elections and their entire Agenda.


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We were replying to VirPopulus who used the term retard.

Nilay Patel of Vox and The Verge runs the controlled opposition propaganda about the 8th Wonder of the World. He grew up in Racine.

The development never fizzled out as reported. It was all based on lies to begin with, and was never planning to manufacture televisions or displays. It also was not conceived overnight. They created shells throughout the state in order to gain acceptance, and nearly every official infolved in the deal is no longer in office. They gained strategic partnerships with education including Racine’s public and private schools and the UW system.

Neubauer is the person in charge of the rigged billion dollar referendum in Racine pushed through with Joe Biden’s “highly unusual move.”

They used Fii as the impetus to alter all education, community health, transportation, smart city, resilient community, surveillance and city design including a range of public private partnerships to ensure control at every level. 8K+5G AI, robotics and quantum computing play an important role in the development.

Fii is based in the model CCP community of Shenzhen, China. The parent organization Hon Hai is based in Taiwan, and Foxconn is the largest private employer in China. WEF is also another partner involved.

It is the largest foreign greenfield investment in U.S. history with the CCP tech giant behind the social credit system. What they have planned is far beyond the social credit system employed in China.

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Who was quarterback of the Racine Legion?

What are Strangite and the Voree Plates?

What is the real significance of their interfaith alliance?

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The other instance of this submission was removed.

Paul Ryan’s district of Racine, Wisconsin is both a model Sanctuary City and model Smart City.

How and why are these two programs directly connected?

Paul Ryan knows how and why.

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His district of Racine, Wisconsin is both a model Sanctuary City and model Smart City.

How and why are these two programs directly connected?

Paul Ryan knows how and why.

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He is completely compromised and controlled. His rise to power is because of his connections to elite groups and secret societies that converge in his district. He represents the hidden hand.

Paul Ryan’s district of Racine and Racine County, Wisconsin are the Root, gateway and model for rigging elections, Agenda 21, smart cities, community policing, and their entire Agenda beyond.

Expose the Root.

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Racine, Wisconsin is the model community for their Agenda.

Party on the Pavement is a family event in downtown Racine featuring a drag show, COVID vaccines and shots fired on Main Street.

Even the alternative media in the neighboring town of Kenosha won’t make the connection between the shootings and the politically motivated community event.

They have an agenda to protect.

What good is the Knight Foundation without NPR?



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It was a more global view, about the Great Lakes.

Why are you attacking, mocking, ridiculing and calling others names regarding a small city like Racine when you claim it’s not worth your time?

Why would you attempt to discredit or diminish a subject like Racine if you have no direct knowledge or experience, and haven’t done your basic research on the subject?

Why to call someone a retard about which Great Lake is the largest in the world when they all are combined? Why ask for evidence and proof when you provide none to back up your ridicule and name calling?

We won’t call you a retard. We want you and u/OperationRudyRusso and anyone else who questions why Racine to Trust in Jesus Christ and The Truth.

Instead of attacking, help expose the Root, reveal the Agenda (global, eternal enslavement), and deny the Mark.

Sustainability is the Great Deception (Satan’s Ability) to forge their Agenda. Slavery never ended in Racine with Joshua Glover, it evolved.

There are some things you might not know, including the Great Lakes.


Lake Michigan–Huron (also Huron–Michigan) is the body of water combining both Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, which are joined through the 5-mile-wide (8.0 km), 295-foot-deep (90 m), open-water Straits of Mackinac. Huron and Michigan are hydrologically a single lake because the flow of water through the straits keeps their water levels in overall equilibrium. Although the flow is generally eastward, the water moves in either direction depending on local conditions. Combined, Lake Michigan–Huron is the largest freshwater lake by area in the world.[1][3][4][5] However, Lake Superior is larger than either individually, and so is counted as the largest lake when Lake Huron and Lake Michigan are considered separately.

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We can’t post a long list of details and links in every comment, or that would be deemed forum sliding.

The Mound Builders believed Racine was the gateway to the Path of Souls.

Marquette explored the area long ago and coined the name. The Marquette mafia controls the courts through Wisconsin, and is one of the more powerful Jesuit institutions in the nation.

Gilbert Knapp is given credit for founding Racine, but he was working for the Illuminati Astor family.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s real name was Bauer. He is a founder of the Bavarian Illuminati. The Racine Dominicans are also Bauers from Bavaria.

The Bavarian Illuminati played a major role in the French Revolution where the fist symbol was first used.

Neubauer controls the billion dollar referendum in Racine rigged through the highly unusual move by Joe Biden. His sister is a “Holllywood star” and lead spokesperson for Scientology. She changed her name to Kristin Bauer van Straten. His family controls the judicial and legislative branches in Wisconsin, and they are grooming a young boy adopted from Russia as part of Mayor Pete’s smart city transportation agenda.

Racine is not a conspiracy theory. It is the Root and model for their entire Agenda. It also sits on the largest freshwater surface in the world.

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Racine is not cryptic.

It’s not complicated.

Racine is the model community for an unusual and alarming number of aspects for their agenda, where an alliance of groups connect including some of most powerful secret societies and interfaith coalitions. It is completely controlled. They have two tiers of education for example to keep the population uninformed, while the elites have their own private schools where they are groomed to control the community.

Yes, many communities are corrupt and controlled through promotion of compromised individuals. Racine is the model. It was known as the invention capital of the world and served as the model industrious city of America. Sustainable Racine is a prime example of the role Racine plays in the bigger Agenda. Their ultimate Agenda is global, eternal enslavement in a posthuman, transhuman and inhuman world.

Mason Lab is one of the connected groups working beyond advanced eugenics and genomics. It is ran by the corrupt mayor’s brother, linked closely with Cornell University and the Sphinx Head Society.

We do not lie.

We do not spread disinformation.

Voat forums were controlled by corrupt moderators.

Posts by those corrupt moderators who were exposed blackmailing, doxxing and threatening users were stickied on their most active subverses saying even the mention of Racine would result in a ban.

Srayzie, Shizy, Crensch, MolochHunter, Vindicator, KevDude and many others were involved.

u/gamepwn received threats for simply asking questions about Racine.

They used lies to ban users who knew too much after they failed at turning the community against them.

You can find some information on SearchVoat.co however much was deleted, so it is not an accurate archive.

This however was Jenny Moore’s final submission since you asked about that.


Here was a submission from gamepwn about the threats.


Here is one of the posts about banning anyone who would mention Racine.


The Word refers to Jesus Christ and The Truth. Those who control Racine will do much worse than ban and threaten.

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