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If you knew what happened at Voat, you would understand.

This was not a glitch, it was a manual intervention by a corrupt moderator or administrator. The comments were posted, they showed up, and then were removed. They weren’t edited, they did not include any links, and they did not have any keywords that would trigger such automatic removal. They were shadowbanned so no other user can see them. u/into_the_continuum also witnessed these events.

If you truly care about ending their Agenda, denying the Mark of the Beast system, or exposing extreme criminal corruption, you should care about Racine.

No one for years has ever been able to disprove what has been shared about Racine, and the connections with the rigged 2020 election, COVID, Ukraine, smart cities, 8K+5G AI and quantum computing, sustainable development and Agenda 21, BLM and How We Rise, slavery, labor, education, propaganda and so many aspects of the Agenda are remarkable and significant.

Keep posting your memes. We will keep sharing the most important Truth in the cloud. One is censored much more than the other.

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It is a place. It is the historic Bellwether district of America sitting on the shores of the largest freshwater system in the world. It was once the great invention capital of the world and model industrious city of America. Past civilizations also believed it to be the gateway to the Path of Souls through Orion and the Milky Way.

If everyone simply shared The Word, the world would soon inquire and realize its true significance.

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Then a corrupt and cowardly moderator is abusing their power on your post. This happened on Voat also before they shut it down on Christmas.

Memes are great, and this is a good one, but The Root, gateway and model for their entire Agenda must be exposed, or nothing will ever change.

The 2020 election alone proves how significant it is. Follow Zuck’s election bribery money, and it leads straight to Paul Ryan’s district.

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It is the most important Truth shared on the Internet. So much so, that comments about it are being censored here on PDW. Why would someone censor and shadowban the comments if this site stands for free speech and exposing the Agenda? The exact same thing happened on Voat.

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Are you the coward who is deleting comments about Racine?

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You also may not be aware, but some of the most important meetings regarding global nuclear arms were made in Racine, Wisconsin at Wingspread. It is also where NPR was conceived.

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There is a simple answer to ending their entire Agenda.

The answer is One Word.

The Word is Racine.

Sustainable Racine is the model used to forge UN Agenda 21.

Racine is also the model for Community Policing.

Racine is also the Root, gateway and model used to rig elections including 2020.

When America and the world is ready to unite with Jesus Christ and The Truth, all it takes is One Word.

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When the corrupt mayor of Racine, Wisconsin, in a string of corrupt, criminal and pedophile officials, was exposed as part of a corrupt arena deal connected with NHL and NBA owners, including ties to Caron Butler and LeBron James, he was replaced by another corrupt official who was involved.

To quiet the public calls for accountability and criminal investigations, they quickly shut down the deal after illegal election processes and conflicts of interest, and have since changed plans to rebuild a new hotel and convention center with less loose lips.

The people who led the plans to shut down the Arena were fake opposition Freemasons.

The replacement mayor’s name is Mason. His brother runs the Mason Lab affiliated with Fauci, Gates, Rockefellers and Cornell University that implemented experimental COVID programs before the 2020 elections to rig the process.

Racine is the Root of their entire Agenda.

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What news media has covered the New Deal Leaders and their involvement in the rigged 2020 elections?

What is more taboo than the New Deal Leaders?

Racine, Wisconsin - the Root, gateway and model for their entire Agenda.

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They did use nursing homes for ballot harvesting, however no one will tell you the real story about how the Sheriff of Racine County’s investigation is a smokescreen to cover up the much bigger crimes and corruption.

Racine is the model district for rigging elections. 2020 was not the first, nor will it be the last.

What is the Racine Zuckerbus?

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Where did Microsoft President Brad Smith grow up?

Brad grew up in the model UN community of America and the model for UN Agenda 21 - Racine, Wisconsin.

The Truth of Racine has been shared since the beginning.

Expose the Root, reveal the Agenda, deny the Mark.

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His name is Paul Combetta.

Bryan Pagliano and Justin Cooper also know.

The Awams are another group with access.

Which Awan worked with Paul Ryan?

Which Awan was closely connected with DWS?

Racine, Wisconsin is the Root that exposes it all.

Anthony Weiner knows how NXIVM and the Knights of Pythias are linked with Racine.

Paul Ryan is the real secret of the Tarmac.

What happened to Chris Sign after it was exposed that he withheld details from his book Secret of the Tarmac?

His reply is still on Twitter after his hard-hitting coverage of weather and college football and promotion of United Way campaigns.

When the world is ready to know the real story, all it takes is One Word.

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Yale has an important role, but the real institution of propaganda is Cornell. The Sphinx Head Society is their Skull and Bones.

Elon should know how Tony Fauci became “America’s Most Trusted Doctor,” how Bill Gates is related to the founding family, why the Rockfellers are close partners, why the CIA recruits there, what the real meaning of Hunter Biden’s back tattoo is, why Joe Biden made his speech there, why the Johnsons made the largest donation to the school that same year, and what the real purpose of the Mason Lab is.

Elon can completely break the Internet, prove he has flipped, and make a real stand with The People if he reveals the true epicenter of the entire Agenda.

He can do it with One Word:


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That is controlled opposition propaganda. Ron Johnson is as corrupt as the rest. He despises the American people he is paid to serve. Ron certainly knows who John Jeffry Louis is, and the role Racine played in the rigged election that he claims Biden won fairly.

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We have and will continue to do so.

Not all of the comments are questions.

Racine is the dot that connects the rest, and the questions posited are neither rhetorical nor nonsensical, but you knew that already.

We challenge you to help. It’ll be good for you to try to be good.

You can start by helping to expose Mark Zuckerberg’s election bribery that was funneled directly through Racine, where Anna Makanju of the Atlantic Council who directed censorship programs at Facebook led community organizing for Soros and Obama’s Yes We Can Racine, where the Cornell-backed Mason Lab implemented experimental COVID testing before the elections, where Biden made the “highly unusual move” to personally intervene and rig a billion dollar referendum and recount to pass by 5 votes in the primary, and where Mayor Pete made the final pitch for Biden before the general election.

Those aren’t questions. Those are answers. Now what will you do with it?

There is your rhetorical question.

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Are you lashing out to defend Elon Musk?

Are his intentions good and genuine? Are yours?

The questions and connections are simple. The history of cable programming and the teleprompter are not a magic trick. Twitter and social media’s role in modern communication follows the same patterns as previous forms. You must know about Ed Bernays and Cornell, and that Cornell and Racine are closely connected. Did you know what William Lutz learned in college in Racine? Do you know what Bill Biggerstaff learned in Racine before forming the Silicon Valley Bank and Community Foundation, and why that is so important?

History repeats itself, and Racine has been the model for so many aspects of the Agenda for generations, including publishing, propaganda, programming, surveillance, censorship, film and the even the invention of the panoramic camera. Racine is the most globally influential city in America, and is the model for Agenda 21 and 2030. What was the role of the Community Foundation with Joe Biden’s billion dollar referendum in Racine? Why was the 8th Wonder of the World built in Racine?

Why did Tim Dolan move from St. Louis to Racine and Milwaukee? Were his intentions good and genuine? How was he rewarded? Who are the Club of Rome, Knights of Malta and Pythias, Sphinx Head Society, Pilgrims Society and Bavarian Illuminati? Why is Racine closely linked with NASA, and what is the Path of Souls? Why is it called programming? There topics aren’t disconnected. Why are UFOs back in discussion? Elon Musk surely knows about Admiral Byrd’s links to Racine.

Are Raytheon’s intentions good and genuine? What about Brad Smith’s? Why did Mayor Pete make the final pitch for Biden in Racine?

If you can’t answer these questions, or figure out how these topics all connect back to the Root, maybe you should try helping instead of criticizing and worshiping false idols.

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Racine is the reason why Joe Biden did not go to Waukesha.

Between the events of Waukesha and Kenosha, Wisconsin lies the Root, gateway and model for the rigged elections and their entire Agenda - Racine.

Racine is where they claimed slavery ended with Joshua Glover. It didn’t end. It evolved.

What is the Joshua Glover Justice Fund (bail program)?

Racine is also the Brookings Institution’s model for “How We Rise” and the model for Community Policing.

Racine is where Joe Biden made the “highly unusual move” to rig a billion dollar referendum in the April 2020 primary.

Before you begin to believe that Ron Johnson is one of the good guys, be assured that he is not, as he supports Biden’s call for unity, support’s Biden’s war in Ukraine, and supports employer vaccine mandates. He also believes that Joe Biden fairly won the 2020 election.

Ron Johnson is a controlled opposition traitor to America who knows all about Racine.

It is not only the corrupt Democrats involved. Paul Ryan did not resign from public office to spend time with his family, and the modern GOP established in Ripon, Wisconsin after the events in Racine did not end slavery. Racine is their model. It is an open-air prison community.

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Why are teleprompters used? How were they introduced? How do you keep someone from saying something they shouldn’t? How do you keep someone from thinking something they shouldn’t?

How did Bill Gates pivot and gain acceptance? It was through philanthropy as a cover as devised by Frederick Taylor Gates after he married his replacement wife in Racine, Wisconsin. How has Elon Musk pivoted to gain acceptance from those who claim to be against the New World Order while applauding his advancements toward it? Why is Elon fine with going to Hell?

What does Elon Musk know about Racine, Wisconsin? Will he ever expose it?

He knows about the secret societies that converge in Racine. He knows about the connections between Racine and Cornell, and the history of propaganda. He knows the real purpose of Agenda 21 and 2030. He knows why NASA is connected with Racine. He also knows about the Path of Souls and the past civilizations around Racine.

He also knows who invented the teleprompter.

Hubert Joseph Schlafly Jr. (August 14, 1919 – April 20, 2011) was an American electrical engineer who co-invented the teleprompter.[1][2] Schlafly is also credited with spearheading the movement towards satellite television within the industry.[1]

Schlafly was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on August 14, 1919. He often moved as a child as his father moved around as a wildcatter. He graduated from St. Louis University High School and later earned a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Notre Dame in 1941


Sidney Topol (December 28, 1924 – March 30, 2022) was an American innovator and entrepreneur.[1] He was a contributor to several key developments in the telecommunications industries in the latter half of the twentieth century. He was a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst (1947) and an engineer and executive at Raytheon and later Scientific Atlanta. Topol's expertise in microwave systems led to the development of the first effective portable television relay links, allowing broadcasts from even remote areas.

Topol began his career at the Raytheon Company. In 1960, he became general manager of Selenia Telecommunications, a Raytheon joint venture in Rome. In 1965, he returned to the U.S. to head Raytheon's communications division. At Raytheon, Topol was involved in the development and installation of 100-foot (30 m) earth stations, which opened the traffic between cable and satellites, and allowed live overseas television coverage to be viewed in the United States.


Kahn's first job was as a public relations agent for Twentieth Century-Fox where he pioneered radio advertising for movies. After serving as a lieutenant in the United States Army Air Corps during World War II, he returned to his job and by 1950 was the vice president in charge of Fox's new radio and television subsidiary, TCF Television Productions, Inc.

Kahn was a visionary who had optimistically predicted in the 1960s that cable would provide 85 percent of all television reception by the end of the 1970s.[1]

He was convicted in 1971 and federally imprisoned for 20 months for trying to bribe members of the Johnstown, Pennsylvania city council to award his company a local cable franchise. He was also convicted of perjury.[1][5][6] Mr. Kahn had stepped down as chairman of TelePrompTer several months before his conviction. He maintained, before and after his 20-month prison term, that the issue was extortion by the officials and not bribery by Teleprompter.[1]

In 1974, Kahn was involved in a case that went before the Supreme Court of the United States, regarding the application of search and seizure laws on wiretaps.


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Paul Ryan’s district of Racine is the model.

Who is Ed Bernays, and why are Racine and Cornell so closely connected?

Who is John Jeffry Louis, and what is the Pilgrims Society?

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There is much more to the Rittenhouse story than Tucker Carlson or Louder with Crowder will ever reveal.

They don’t control both sides of issues, they control all sides.

Why didn’t Gravely prosecute the case?

Why did Tom Binger run a fake honeypot campaign for Racine DA?

What happened to the previous corrupt, criminal DA, and the string of corrupt, criminal and pedophile officials and community leaders in the area?

How did the events escalate in Racine and Kenosha?

Why are Milwaukee and Racine the worst cities for black Americans year after year by design, and why is Racine the Brookings model for How We Rise?

Why was the only building that burned down in Racine the human trafficking community policing house, and why is Racine the model for Community Policing?

Why is Racine a major hub for human trafficking, who are the sponsors behind the Fight to End Exploitation, what did John Legend do for the band involved after the cover organization was exposed?

Is Judge Schroeder a high-level Freemason?

Who is the biggest client Mark Richards ever defended, what were the crimes involved, what were the other crimes not disclosed, what happened to the victims, and what is the real definition of Pizzagate?

Trump can expose their entire agenda including the rigged election with One Word - Racine.

He knows the real purpose of the 8th Wonder of the World. So does corrupt big tech propagandist Nilay Patel of Vox and The Verge who is from Racine. They all know what Anna Makanju did for Soros and Obama in Racine, why Zuckerberg’s election bribery was funneled through Racine, and why Joe Biden made the “highly unusual move” to rig a billion dollar referendum in Racine in the April 2020 primary.

Where did Paul Ryan get a job after he suddenly left office at the peak of his career after a decade as the most powerful man in Congress? How did he rise to such power? Racine is why. All of the global elite know about Racine and have been meeting there for generations.

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Thank you. We have shared The Truth for years asking for nothing in return, at great cost and sacrifice under constant threat, exposing some of the world’s most powerful groups who all converge in Racine.

None of this is conjecture. Loretta Lynch,.Andy McCabe and other top agents know that official means of exposing the massive corruption were exhausted and only resulted in sources and witnesses being targeted, threatened, attacked, destroyed or killed.

The world needs to know The Truth of Racine. They will never stop until their entire Agenda is implemented. Racine is the Root and model of it all.

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