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Don't forget that the "Capitol Police" took orders from him and moved away from guarding the doors so the Ashli Babbitt scene could be played out.

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"OSHA stands by the Vaccination and Testing Emergency Temporary Standard as the best way to protect the nation’s workforce from a deadly virus..."

It's NOT a "deadly virus". It's a slightly modified cold infection.

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TWatt is a propaganda account.

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This is how you win!

You got to Question, Question and Question ALL corrupt scumbags and expose their lies! Preferably in Public!

Keep at it and don't let up!

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When they say it will be a "surprise", it's so that everyone involved, from the corrupt politicians, the corrupt persons in the corrupt corporations to everyone in the media will know how to portray any given event.

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Well, now we know why they are "redecorating" around the WH etc..

False Flag PsyOps incoming!

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"Common cold might have given Britons protection from Covid before pandemic began"

Are they completely retarded?!

A Corona virus infection IS the Common Cold!

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Neither the FBI nor the Mossad will let a perfectly good future Blackmail opportunity go to waste!

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George Soros and Klaus Schwab are getting a bit nervous.

That is why they are starting new fires of RACISM.

All in an attempt to divide the multitude of people who have started to see that they have a common enemy and a Clear and Present Danger in the gangster banksters and their plan for world domination.

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"$12/yr to download HQ"

No, there is no such cost involved at all with their VIDEO DOWNLOADER, you can download whatever quality youtube, rumble etc. present to the visitor.

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Sealed on order from Israel.

Head of the Snake - Wexner, Maxwell’s, Mossad & Mega Group Exposed


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Or, use the simple browser addon Ant Video Downloader:


It will also install their converter application which takes care of saving multiple stream videos (youtube etc.) to common video format (usually .mp4, .mkv).

This addon will let you to save videos from most video hosts.

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Excellent video, fren! 😎👍👍

This video should definitely get it's own post!

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That is because he is. It's name is "The World Economic Forum".

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Not exactly.

The warning messages were not broadcasted from the van but from the security poles on the curb by the AT&T building.

And the "bomb" was not set off by "some guy in a van".

In the photos you could see TWO particularly strange holes.

One of the holes had been punched through the reinforced wall of the AT&T building.

One hole was in the pavement where parts from one of the lower levels elevator shaft could be seen.

From these holes witnesses reported hearing automatic gun firing.

It was all a False Flag event covering another operation.



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