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The big lesson of Covid is how many are owned by Big Pharma. Big Media, Big Public Health, and a whole lot of politicians, for starters.

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Best comment I've seen on DOCTOR Jill:

"She is just broadcasting she is available and wants attention."

Seems likely.

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Good advice.

I found the cartoon Mike Tyson Mysteries on Adult Swim amusing. And Norm Macdonald is the voice of one of the characters, so that's a plus.

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LOL, I love this place!

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We expect no less from Stonetoss. And this is especially brutal, and deservedly so.

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I love how they talk about Russiagate causing a lack of trust in The NY Times.

NEWS FLASH: Those of us paying attention haven't had any trust in The NY Times for decades. That started at least with their reporter Walter Duranty's non-coverage of the Holodomor in the 1930s. This has been well known for a long, long time.

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Type it into Brave search, no one here should be using Google by default.

by Tesic
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There is a VRBO across the cove from me. I think we're far enough out from the city in perceived redneck land to avoid many of the problems, though. Will keep an eye on it for sure.

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I'm in GA, I have my issues with Kemp, but he said to hell with a lot of the Covid BS early. He caught some grief from Trump over it.

I'm in an inner ring ATL suburb, and there were a fair number still wearing masks 6 months ago, maybe 20%. I'm in the process of moving exurban north, and almost no one up there was doing so.

It's very slim in both places now. You still see the odd idiot driving alone in their car, and a few at the grocery or Costco, but damn few.

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The lack of any home protocol 2 years in, when I got Covid a year ago, just flabbergasted me. And pissed me off, still does.

I Ivermectined up, plus vitamins, fever broke in a day and a half, I was fine in a week.


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That last is why so little happened here. People fed up with totalitarian states like NY and CA moved to FL and TX.

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One of our biggest problems is that citizenship and ability to fog a mirror somehow confers the right to vote. And Democrats want to make even those thin requirements, optional.

No representation without taxation! If you want to vote, you need to have skin in the game and to demonstrate you can run your own affairs, before you get to vote on how our joint affairs are run.

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