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Didn’t he sign an executive order for Federal employees? Damn this fake administration!!!

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I call her by her name, Alexandria, calling her AOC makes her sound notorious or something. She’s just a bitch like Biden.

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“He’s going too have too answer questions in front of the Senate”… another shit show in coming!

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This will be just like Comey, nothing will ever happen and he’ll be writing books.

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Do you remember a fellow Pede on here talking about “Religious exemptions”, I think there was a post on here. I’m trying to find more information for my girlfriend who is trying to seek that Avenue, thanks ahead of time.

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China just installed a ‘three child policy’ this year, it from one, too two, and now three. They want to kill us off so it can be repopulated with the Chinese!

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It’s sad that people can spend so many years on a job doing the best they can and saving up for retirement just to have it all taken away in a moments time cause of some fucking retard. If this is possible then there is no “Good” future for anyone.

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Exactly, they’re injecting the COVID.

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A year ago my doctor told me that it will be mandatory to have the jab if I want too see him, How’d he know so soon?

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The whole world knows and yet, this retarded fuck is still in!! We Need A President!!!!

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