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I guess we will find out Friday, if they will ignore the election theft or repair it by installing the rightful owners wishes

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Don't have TV , but yes, what little ads I see they are for pharma and mixed race. I am old enough to remember they did the same thing back in the sixties.

As far as Haitians or Latinos or whoever are coming in to replace us, you know, they are humans, and have struggles just like us. They have their talents and we have ours. What are ours? Our intellect. With reason, one can always make an ally. As Iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpens another.

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I will not quit, but if they fire me for refusing to comply, I will gladly go home. Am currently doing my best to "get out of the system" . I can fix cars, do electrical, and build things for gigs on the side. Have lived w/o insurance before. Don't be afraid, plan.