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My daughter in law got the J&J in June (she’s USAF). Felt bad for a few days, otherwise she’s fine.

Just made the connection due to this post that perhaps my mother in law getting c diff after the shot was bc of the shot… She’s 80 and in poor health though.

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Whoa! My mother in law got c diff, too. We did not connect it to the shot! She got down to 88 pounds, it was horrible.

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Oh, I’m not a dude. So, I guess I’m not a “fag” either. Though I can tell you’re attached to that word in particular since you’ve used it multiple times during the course of one interaction. Limited vocabulary. It’s alright. You’re alright.

I don’t need to establish moral superiority. I read page one of your post history. This is just… what you do, I guess.

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I can tell this is getting you really riled up. I’m not sure why, I was interested in having an actual discussion. I hope you get to a point where you can engage with others you disagree with, without doing exactly what I was taking about: resorting to childish language and behavior.

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Well, then you’ve got people like Joe Kent running. He’s not a “career politician RINO” or an “unpolished American First grandma.” So yes, if we want to accomplish something other than headlines, viral videos, or Twitter burns we should support thoughtful, well spoken, genuinely America First candidates who can conduct themselves as statesmen. (Also see: DeSantis)

The Dems will continue to kick our asses if we continue to behave like middle schoolers. And we will deserve it.

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Well, I am right.

You’re going to watch this woman get decimated - because, while I probably agree with her across the board on policy and would enjoy being her friend - she’s not playing the game.

So instead of asking ourselves how we can spend money and time in winnable districts people will donate because shes “cool” and says “MAGA” and “fuck.”

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Yeah, look at MTGs district, it’s voting history, demographics. She plays to her audience beautifully, and wins.

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You should donate lots of money to her, that will help her win for sure.

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Agreed, fuck being “nice.” It’s possible to be “not nice” and have some basic decorum and people skills. I can’t, for example, walk into the local school board meeting and start dropping F bombs if I expect to accomplish anything.

She’ll never come close to toppling AOC. Fact.

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Not sure why you’re getting down voted. You’re 100% correct.

Running in that district might elevate her to some type of popularity (a’la Kim Klacik) but as for chances of winning? Zero.

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HALF of my youngest sons life has been this mess.

Thing is, we didn’t stop. We adapted. Missed out on some concerts/trips and our income went down but we still had road trips, camping, family parties, husband worked, and found a new (based) church we love. We made new friends and got rid of some lame friends.

I shifted to staying home and homeschooled not just my kids but two friends kids. This year, we decided to go with Christian school.

Our faith and dedication to our family has increased exponentially.

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Are you taking it? I haven’t yet. I just wanted it in case!

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I ordered through a doc on the FLCCC website, and had them send prescription to a local compounding pharmacy.

Televisit cost $150, IVM was $10 after insurance.

The whole process took 9 days from the time I requested appt until I had IVM in hand. I was very wary of being scammed so I just wanted to report this was relatively cheap and quick going through FLCCC.

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AND there would have to be actionable information in the emails if they got them.

From my account worst they’ll get is my Alex Berenson and Glenn Greenwald substack receipts and a bunch of conservative treehouse posts I’ve forwarded.


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No doubt you’re the most adulty adult here. Completely above reproach.

“Vote harder, men!”

Truth is, whether you want to admit it or not, the only time voting will matter in the future will be in local elections. Many state level elections are already cooked. Federal elections are OVER.

The courts are stacked with uni-party demons.

Blue helmets incoming.

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Yes, it is funny you think we can vote ourselves out of this, or that the courts are honorable and just.

Have you not been paying attention the last, oh, twenty years? I mean even just the last 18 months ought to have been enough.

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I think we hit the point of no return with the patriot act. It’s just taken people a looooooong time to notice.

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