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we're the true Americans, we should just use the American flag

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You could be right, but I was here when it went down and I don't recall the domain owner making any offers to let us keep the domain.

I remember him getting memed here for being a bitch

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we didn't lose the donald.win because it was shutdown

one of the founders owned the domain and took his "ball" home with him when he left

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from a 10 minute shopping trip to 30, can't wait to waste more of my time

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downvotes don't matter, speak your mind

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very optimistic to think that it can be changed, I do hope you're right though

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It's too easy ...

DW and others: "oh no the 'What is a woman?' doc got cancelled"

less than 24 hours later ...

Elon: "I'll save you DailyWire!"

It's like they set up a problem, that takes literally no effort for Elon to fix, so he can look like the good guy, I can only assume Elon will be shortly backing meatball

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Here we go again uniparty protects itself by silencing the opposition

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because it's a scheme to tax us to death

money can't make the sun less hot, but it can sure pay for a lot of "pizza parties"

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Words are wind, Ted

You say such sweet things, but strongly worded letters and tweets do not a Conservative make

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Where can I buy this? The Trump flag on my wall needs some company

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Sounds like we might need to start building walls around ALL the states.

I say we start with California

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Didn't cali effectively ban pig farms by mandating space requirelments for each pig or something, I vaguely recall their was a bill that did something like that

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Less time in government indoctrination centers is always a good thing

Home school your kids

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