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I dunno why this is so fucking surprising, I really don't. I can remember when guys had to look through swinger mags at the local news stand 18+ section to find such ads and look at Hustler.

Am I condoning this? Nope, I'm just pointing out this is nothing new and the digital age has made it 10000x more accessible.

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The difference is of the three of us, only two are trying to divide and create turmoil where none is needed. Both Lin and Stew have sat in the background stoking the fires of dissent against people who have a proven MAGA record.

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Steve Bannon trying to cover his ass over it "I guarantee you everyone will be held accountable when we win back the house"

BULLSHIT. No one has been held accountable for shit.

He has on the Jan 6 wives telling the horror story about the FBI raids, then gets surprised when someone finally speaks the truth.

I hope this was a Red Pill moment for him.

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Sounds "plausible" but we've heard all this 4d chess bullshit before.

We still have no accountability for the 2020 election. Hello! Wendy Rogers, where tf are the receipts for AZ?

So until I SEE Trump or our congress take action it's all bullshit.

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Which is exactly what happened to Rittenhouse, BUT he he was not the pursuer he was being chased. If he had waived his gun at someone who then attempted to disarm him, he could have been convicted as well since he would have been the aggressor.

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I'm confused.

They were following him in a truck, the father is in the bed, the son was driving.

Aubry was unarmed yet you say he attacked them, if someone is attacking me in my vehicle I lock the door. yet we clearly see the son struggling outside the truck. How did he get out side the truck? Did Aubry rip him out with shotgun in hand?

I'm guessing no, I'm guessing the more plausible explanation is the son wanted to play tough guy Rent-a-Cop and got out of the truck gun in hand then the situation escalated from there.

They could have simply followed him until the cops took over.

Was Aubry a shitbag? Yes

But these dumbfucks deserve everything they got.

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If the stupid fucking ginger had not tried to play Robocop, he and his posse would be sitting down to Thanksgiving tomorrow. They fucked themselves, look at the facts of the trial and not your emotions.

by Bullgod
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His pics on the slab was some of the high points of the trial, really showed his best side.

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I hate these traitor pieces of shit more than Pelosi & Co.....did not know it was possible.

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There was a time the Catholic popes forced others to suck his dick. Now it's the other way around, and black dick to boot, so weak.

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This is why you don't pull a gun to intimidate, you pull it to kill.

They deserve what they get for being so fucking stupid.

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Jesus, by the responses I see, this place is crawling with reddit rejects.

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He's a fucking kid. He was stupid to go to Kenosha in the middle of riots, separating from the pack, ASSUMING because he was well intentioned no one would want to hurt him and putting himself in harms way over a fucking used truck that would be replaced by insurance. He did not deserve to be attacked and did not deserve to be put on trial for defending himself.

You did not donate to Kyle personally or his views. You donated to the cause and not allowing a stupid kid to fall victim to a corrupt system attempting to destroy our rights.

Know the difference.

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He's entitled to his opinion.
We've been saying all along, he's a fucking kid who made a bad decision stepping into the war zone and getting separated from the pack. He did not deserve to spend life in prison for protecting himself under the law and our Constitution.

This is another bad decision, it should not define him.

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