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Sorry for your loss. RIP

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The instant I saw this guy I got Heavens Gate cult vibes.

sure as shit he looks like Marshall Applewhite


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1- great personality

2- looks

3- Funny as hell

4- One hell of a patriot that gave no fucks.

She will be missed greatly. Her years on Cheers were the best IMO.

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Having the federal government force states to violate their own laws, state constitutions is a REAL and actual throwing out the Constitution in real life. Not some post Trump made.

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Her "mistake" will cost every American citizen.

A "mistake" is forgetting something at the grocery store, transposing a number in a checkbook, forgetting your oil change appointment.

A"mistake" is not fucking over the entire country.

FYI she never said shit in Tumps defense when GOP shitbags accused him of being an anti-semite.

Her words are loud, her actions are empty.

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Never stepped forward to speak out for Trump and the accusations of anti-semitism.

Pushing McCarthy as SOTH

She is posting appearances at parades & events for Charlie Kirk but has been quiet on Herschel Walker.

Been quiet on Az. cheating.

Her grifting colors are showing.

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I used to like Kirk, but his grifting bullshit is old.

He should be using his massive platform to help organize protests over Arizona.

Instead he's pushing his event full of shitbag anti Trump assholes like everyone from Fox, Owens & others.

Fuck him.

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ok, before labeling her a "Karen" context would be nice. i tend to give the elderly a little leeway.

she is an elderly woman, at that age there could be any number of medical issues,

is she a widow? if so did her husband recently die?

does she have children? if so are they alive and if they are, do they have contact?

is she on social security? if so being on a fixed income at that age is stressful

is she on medicare and are they fucking with her medical coverage?

the elderly have a number of stressors in their lives that the younger crowd will never understand until they are there.

the real shitbags are the people just standing there watching it happen doing nothing or simply filming for internet points.

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NOBODY ever claimed Stein was anything more than an instigator with an iPhone trying to make stupid people look more stupid.

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Yes he will, they hung the nazis for killing 6 million. Our society & politicians don't have the balls to execute.

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Congratulations, You Played Yourself

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Actually yes, they did. Do you think the SS approached Trump directly and he signed off himself on the visitors?

He didn't, one of his staffers did, they deliberately gave the OK knowing who these idiots were. Trump had no clue anyone other than Kanye until they were at the table.

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It's a clickbait title. They are talking about the disease that is CP and how its infiltrated children entertainment.

Of course Ian is being a dumbfuck.

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former intern according to her, but still this was a Parlor post from 2016-2017 I believe and she STILL hired him. makes her sus AF.

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What you're saying along with the MTG is that we should just accept the devil we know vs. the one we don't?

WTF choice is that?

Does not sound very MAGA to me does it to you? At least try, at least fight for it using what ever tactic it takes. I hope Kari does not fall into that mindset.

McCarthy will be Paul Ryan 2.0.

We all said "If we only knew" about Ryan while he was SOTH shitting on Trump, well with McCarthy we fucking know BEFORE and we are just supposed to lay down and take it "because"?

If that is the case, this party, this country is lost.

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MTG is a powerhouse in the party, would you not agree?

She should use that status along with Gaetz and all other anti McCarthy to exude pressure on those who might vote for him.

What do we know about politicians? They are weak, spineless, crave affirmation and shit their pants when a car backfires.

MTG along with Gaetz & Co. needs to let these pro McCarthy shitheads know if they vote for McCarthy this will be their last go around in the house as all resources will be pulled together to ruin them in their districts.

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Trump was ambushed by Kanye & crew. All set up by Milo, a known grifter who has flat out stated he wants to destroy Trump, MAGA & the republican party.

Yet she took him on as an intern.

MTG is silent on the issue while she screams from the mountain tops we MUST support McCarthy as SOTH, a known anti Trump, anti MAGA shitbag who is saying Trump is at fault for "the dinner"

As a former supporter, she disgusts me. She is so full of shit I can smell it through the screen.

Fuck MTG.

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Most likely he didn't. He has people who set these things up, the question is who and why did they? Fuentes & Milo are grains of salt in the sea in Trumps world, Kanye though, he knows Kanye from meeting with him before to discuss black issues in the Oval Office. This was an ambush set up by Kanye, and a failure of his advisors.

Fuck Kanye for grifting off Trump then setting him up, I hope they do lock his black ass away, he's a narcissistic loon that does not deserve the press he's getting.

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