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So prominent I can't see any white?

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I'm doing this in my own way. I work for WA state DSHS. I'm signing on to 2 lawsuits, filed a WA Human Rights Complaint, requested a hearing with HR, made a public disclosure request for all jobs and metadata included for people that recieved full time telework accommodation. Making an eeoc complaint. Emailing them daily about getting explanations for all the laws they are breaking. I might be getting fired, but god damnit, I'm going to make these fuckers suffer.

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If you have respect for other people you wouldn't say "fuck" in front of their kids, or nice old ladies.

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Yeah, I was taking to my friend who does food orders for tons of restaurants and she said a pound of steak right now is 30. So it seems like at 38 bucks they are breaking even. Would explain the weak ass 4 little excuses for asparagus I got.

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Just went to a steak house. A 12 oz steak was 38 dollars. Ridiculous

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Well, all roads are connected too. But there is a best route and then there are the side roads routes. If you trying to deliver a package, you go the most direct route and give it to the intended recipient. You don't give it to their roommate's cousin 2 towns away.

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You mean like renting an apartment in Loudon County so he can speak at a school board meeting?

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In the same boat. Work for wa state. I have teleworked this whole time. Losing job on the 18th of this month. Got a religious exemption approved, but they Declined to accommodate me even though telework performance is demonstrably improved from in office setting. It's some bull shit and obviously not about the stupid disease.

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