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Someone who isn’t a career politician

No point in having a Reagan/Trump if the VP is a globalist like Bush Sr or Pence

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“Look, this is a bunch of stuff” - Biden on everything, ever

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Russians would be more afraid of pro gun women than millions of pussy male DemoKKKrats

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No need for an event

Just reveal the data now and watch the scramble to try and explain the difference between the outcome in the data and the certified bs Biden win

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Nobody should listen to boomers after all their fuckups

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Leia: Your vaccines are weak old man. A placebo is no match for herd immunity!

Darth Vader: Thats not true. It’s impossible!

Leia: You stupid bastard! You KNOW it to be true!

Darth Vader: To hear this I do not want

Leia: ??? Have you stolen my weed?

Darth Vader: Duh, that’s why my voice is so deep

George Lucas: Get on with the shocking twist!

Darth Vader: Fine. I am your father. Takes mask off to reveal Joe Biden Give daddy a kiss


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Bezos went into space.

Space sent him straight back here :(

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Yet another reason not to bring children into Clown World

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“We want to leave this world with its repetitive circle of life and don’t care about some silly war between God and Satan which would be over if God just killed Satan” (Humanity 1:1)

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It’s completely racist that an alleged human is occupying the White House when the job should be done by someone far more competent like an Armadillo.

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Nazi Bidens relatives are here to tell us how much they and Biden hate Jews/Israel

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Newsom: “California voters are stupid and don’t know that I’m a Democrat. They’ve clearly been duped into thinking I’m an eeeeevil Nazi Republican”

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“Excellent. Those silly Chinese, giving away their attack plans”

“…. Er, Sir, it’s clearly a fake. Only a complete retard would fall for it”

“Come on maaaaaan, the invasion plan is 100% genuine, just like my election victory. And that’s Mr President to you!”

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So why was Barr nominated for Attorney General in the first place?

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“Why is no one other than Trump listening to us and doing what we want?”

“Hi, I’m MTG”

“…. Yuck! A women! Get back in the kitchen!”

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And our TDS is why we mail in fraudulent votes for the blues

Crimes on our hands should mean time spent cleaning prison loos

Manufacturing votes by children, millions of lost ballots to be discovered

Faces like thunder when the wiped data is recovered

And our TDS is why we mail in fraudulent votes for the blues

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