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“Kiss my white ass” would be another good option.

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Should’ve never apologized. Now they smell blood in the water.

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When it starts paying dividends, I'll change my mind. Until then I think you're pissing into the wind.

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Anyone here still wanna kiss her ass(figuratively)? What can you take from this? The supposed firebrand is apologizing and kissing the feet of a brother fucking lightbulb head.

Are you close to accepting the fact that the GOP is a dead end? You still think you can change it from the inside?

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They don't want your apologies. They want your scalp. NEVER APOLOGIZE.

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I'm going to keep saying it until you fucking get it.

They hate you. They hate your children. They hate your family. They hate your tradition. They hate your religion. They want you to die off so they can erase everything about you.

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They shut down the county fair last year because a bunch of “youths” (code for black teenagers) were attacking people and the sheriff wouldn’t do anything about it.

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Munchausen by proxy.

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At first I felt bad she lost the baby. Then I realized that she’s tweeting that from her hospital bed. Then I realized just how fucked up the reality of that is and I became angry. This bitch is a disgusting joke of a human being.

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Calling them stupid absolves them of their motivation. Their motivation is that they hate you. They hate your family. They hate your children. They hate your church. To call them stupid or incompetent or inept is you subconsciously choosing to ignore reality.

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According to you it has. I'm not paying anymore attention to the lawsuits because they're not going to amount to anything. So if this was a shitpost then congratulations.

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That basically boils down their political philosophy to an essence. A spoiled brat yelling, "Fuck you Mom and Dad".

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I've never seen a fat Amish person. It's almost like a person who gets regular exercise and doesn't have a diet of trash has almost zero chance of dieing from covid.

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Just write “[email protected] NI99ers” on a piece of paper and put that in their kettle.

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The UW college system is to blame for this shit. Madison, Milwaukee, Eau Claire, Kenosha, LaCrosse are all run by UW Alumni communists.

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Isn't it kinda funny that the women who write about all of this sexual liberation shit are all miserable used up whores? It's like getting betting advice from someone who lost a finger to the mob for unpaid gambling debts.

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