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Yeah, in hindsight, maybe it was. But I did learn a bit about business. I now work in construction project management, lmao

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H-h-hey… I majored in marketing 😕

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Can confirm. The classic stereotype of California girls being the most attractive on earth is no longer a thing. I live in a suburban area and when I search < 10 miles for chicks on dating apps, most girls are good looking. When I go beyond that, the distance threshold goes to SF, Oakland, etc. The girls are absolutely HORRID.

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Our next goal is to make an entire gas pumping station a collage of "I did that" stickers lmao

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Yes, her expressions bring her into the creepy zone. She's also got the crazy eyes, let's not forget that 😂

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Personally, I've had my fun in college. I'm now looking for more of someone wifey material now. 😁

May be more applicable to a small percentage, who knows. Won't rule that out.

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Oh no you can have free speech! Just as long as it’s not offensive! 😤

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I had to look at it from an objective standpoint:

If I didn’t know what went through her hollow head, how attractive is she, actually?

Knowing what goes through her hollow head brings her attractiveness down to… -3?

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Maybe about three times now, I’ve tried to watch football to enjoy it and hopefully have something else to talk about with my friends again.

But nope, they gotta wear those helmets with retarded slogans like “end racism, Black Lives Matter, Say Their Names.”

Sorry friends, I have a spine and actually stand for something.

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Just called one in NorCal and the dude said they require people to be masked “bEcAuSe ThE cOuNtY rEQuIrEs It.”

Hung up on him. Thanks for the recommendation, though. This place is so cucked and riddled with spineless fucks.

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Now do the rest of the people that have any association with BLM, including those that donated to the terrorist organization.

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We need to slow the spread and require everyone and all businesses to remove their doors.

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“Hah, what a loser!”

Said the overweight 30-year old, eating chips on his couch.

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Has he agreed to cook for other political figures before? Just because he refuses to cook for Trump doesn’t mean he’s a liberal. Making a political statement is a big way to create a divide in your business and content.

Personally, I’d support the hell out of him even more if he just blatantly said that he’s a heavy conservative and hates the woke movement. But I also understand someone wanting to protect their business, and even family.

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