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It makes the foundations for red flag laws. It encourages red flag laws. It's a proponent for red flag laws. It expands what a red flag law could encompass. It goes in the category of a "red flag law".

Please continue to ignore the knife the GOP put in your back.

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Everyone is a doomer.

Country is split 50/50 on the abortion topic, and I'm willing to bet their are more "hardcore" prolifers than hardcore abortion advocates.

Most of the people who feel like they "must have a side" will care more about gas/inflation in a couple of months.

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"It encourages states to develop more and better "red flag" laws that would deny guns to people who are deemed to be dangerous.

It also adds dating partners to the list of domestic abusers who are prohibited from buying firearms, eliminating the so-called "boyfriend loophole."

So it expands who can have their guns taken away under red flag laws and encourages states to make red flag laws, but you don't consider it a red flag law.

It's a slow boil. You have to see that...

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You can criticize Trump but not DeSantis. All you need to know.

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No one cares when their side riots. BLM didn't stop anyone.

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Everything going on right now is beyond his control

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If it's all planned between the two parties like you're saying then it doesn't even matter. They would have just created another "cover story".

They own the MSM and social media, they don't need a big reason for people to accept and excuse.

Take the win, we shouldn't be scared to save kids lives because "the Dems might find a heartbeat"

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Only God could turn pro-abortion women Into activity practicing abstinence.

Checkmate atheists 😂

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As Joe Biden says, "no rights are absolute".

Enjoy the world you championed for.

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Good thing Biden has been telling them rights aren't absolute for the better part of two years now.

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How is "dementia man bad" any different then the "orange man bad" argument?

GOP isn't going to change when they win big in the midterms. Some old, same old, but this time they get the maga movement without Trump.

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