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They are far too stupid to pay attention to what the Left does. They only believe in what the Left SAYS, not what they do.

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Because these people have never truly experienced the fear of death. They think it's like a video game where the body just disappears or there's very little blood. They don't know the weight of taking a life. For fuck's sake, they won't even kill for food! I have 0 fear of these pantywaists. The moment you draw blood, they would lay down arms.

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Yeah, it's their ADULT children if you keep reading. They are extending green cards to visa workers' ADULT children so they can stay in the US thus granting amnesty to those who are about to be illegal.

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Yup, we keep bitching about Mexicans while ignoring Puerto Ricans. Puerto Ricans are lazy, ill mannered Democrats by and large that act like they are black. Not all of them, but a damn majority of them for sure. Don't believe me? Go spend some time in the Kissimmee/Orlando area.

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Oh I would have made this one cry if I'd have had a teacher like this. I identify as the Pope. My pronouns are Father/Your Holiness, but you can call me Daddy for short.

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Even if you think they will cheat. Even if you think it's pointless. Go vote! Don't just give them the win! Make them work for it! Make them commit so much fraud that no one anywhere can look at the evidence and honestly say they aren't guilty as hell! Until the day that shit actually hits the fan, vote, continue to red pill others, spread our message far and wide, stay safe and healthy, and make sure you are prepared!

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Even if they realize it, most won't be willing to engage in it. They'll all watch as a few of us die in vain while they continue boiling in their pot.

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Yeah, I was going to explain that as well. Unless they redundantly delete the data, it'll still be there. Sounds like they did that though.

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Nothing. She's just a dwarf among midgets. That is to say that between herself, Biden, and Kamala, she's the least likely to fuck things up.

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Biden can't hold a coherent conversation and Kamala is a bumbling retard (not that Joe is any less of a bumbling retard). Nancy and Congress stand to gain a fuck load of money from this, possibly more than her investments in Tesla.

Additionally, this gives her the opportunity to meet with Xi Jinping while she's overseas without too many people being wise to it. The whole "dire consequences" spiel from China is all bluster. Once this trip is over, China will use this as an excuse to invade Taiwan, now free and clear from US intervention as Congress is only concerned with the chip manufacturing in Taiwan and not the country itself.

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It's not even deleted when you delete it from your phone, much like with a computer hard drive. All I'd need is 20 minutes and physical access to the phones to pull all that data.

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Fuck 'em. They are perfectly fine with all the illegals from their country invading mine, so I don't give a fuck about libshits invading theirs, legally or otherwise.

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We should make excommunication a thing again. We should not allow churches like this to claim to be Christian. It's misleading and bad for "branding" (for lack of a better term)

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