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They never allowed that and never will allow it, because in that case Barcelona will no longer be Spain, Italy and Austria would make a mess, Hungary and Romania would make a mess, Albanians in Macedonia...

This principle worked fine for 100, until 1999, when NATO "liberated' Kosovo.

Russia used it to do the same thing in Georgia and Ukraine.

Fast forward 50 years, Texas is Mexican X)

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In reality almost nothing worth mentioning happened.

The whole charade lasted for half a day.

Fabricated BS

Cheers from Serbia

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We are not on the brink of war!

Now we have the best relations since forever.

Serbs are going to Albanian Coast!? to spend summer holidays. I have no idea why, because the Greece is also right next to us, but ok "Albania is less expensive, and they are so kind, blahblah"

This was completely fabricated nothingburger

Cheers from Serbia

Jebo majku svima koji se pale na glupe vesti

Proof of my origin

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I was telling you the story about Pavlik Morozov - nobody wanted to believe me

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Northern Part, 100% Serbian, Southern Part 100% Albanian, except for some small enclaves


Progressive... Hehe... Think about it, when you have American base, foreign soldiers to protect the territory, and when you were liberated by Clintons - what does it mean?

It means that Kosovo will do what Democrats tell them. (Blinken...)

However, woke BS cannot pass anywhere but in the West

LGBTQ - nobody

leftist - both Albanians as Serbs were commies from WWII up until 1990's. We will remain socialist 4 ever!

progressive - woke BS arrives to Croatia 10 years after it comes to the West, and it takes 10 more to arrive to countries like Albania. Example: Albanian pop stars look like pop stars from the 2000's. No trannies, no woke stupidity

Right - if you mean "nationalist", yes, 100%, because Albanians are completely separate nation from all others. They either stay nationalistic or they will perish

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How many bugs? 5 per day? 10?

Imagine having 2 pounds of bugs today? And tomorrow, and day after...

After 10,000 years, people are lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant... After 500 years of peanuts, people are allergic to peanuts, to see food, to...

Start eating some strange creatures on daily basis and I can bet in $10.000 that something super strange will emerge.

Also, no, people are not eating insects. In Europe, people were eating rabbits, pigeons, sparrows, blackbirds... cats, dogs... grass, tree bark and - NO BLOODY INSECTS!

Not even in concentration camps people ate lice, but instead, they were tossing them into fire.

by KAGwave
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Arabs to stay - yes. Currently, in France, you can earn 1500-2000 per month. In their countries, it's 500. Unless France goes so low... In addition, they have everything in France to feel just like at home. Some never learn a word of French as they don't need it.

Europe rebuilt after WW1, WW2... Yes, true. But, if you read old newspapers, you will see that "propaganda" was 100% nationalistic, during their entire life. Strange examples: Bosnian Muslim went to Sweden as a kid, because of war. Now he is hard-core Swedish nationalist, having YouTube Channel.

However, can woke generation, who was encouraged to reject the nation, build the nation?

I was in a metro and pretty hot French girl was kissing some chubby Korean looking guy, 6 inches shorter than her and she looked bored. I asked her, "you really like him?!" and she replied, "no, I'm just trying different cultures"

Russia... Russians and Chechens were fighting each other for the last 200 years. Now Chechens are fighting on Russian side, as volunteers and lions. Two completely different nations got united within a single generation.

Meanwhile in America - George Floyd

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Corruption timeline in Serbia:

  • 1990 to 2000, Milosevic, fuck...

  • 2000, revolution, pro-Western Government was established, the best year(s)

  • 2000 to 2005, the same structures remained, despite the new government. People became resentful, Ex "special operations warlord" became criminal boss, shot Prime Minister

  • 2005 to 2010, corrupt pro-Western Democrats were still in power. Money laundering schemes, everywhere

  • 2010 to today, ex-Milosevic guys, actually good. Sort of. I mean, less (differently) corrupted rom Pro-Western-Democrats

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The entire East Europe is corrupt, it's the legacy of 50 years under Communism.

Instead of fostering hierarchies of competence, we were fulfilling the wishes of Central Planners (now you call it "Green New Deal" and "Diversity hiring Quotas")

Central Europe: Slovenia, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary are good

Middle tier: Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania... you can bribe a cop if he found that you were speeding, or you can bribe a doctor to get the surgery (quicker and more successful), buy faculty degree or IDK, legalize illegally built house (don't ask)

Bottom of the bucket: Ukraine, Moldova, Bosnia, Kosovo, you can buy RPG, shoot someone, and buy the entire police station X)

Seriously, in those countries you can buy crazy stuff:

  • anything from war (Kalashnikovs used for Bataclan came from Bosnia)

  • drugs (Albaniaaaaaaaa)

  • wife (Albania, $3-5.000)

  • a child from Gypsies, who the hell needs that?! ($1-3.000)

  • attack helicopter (Croatia bought several, Serbia bought one, no papers, no question asked, no service possible - all got scrapped)

Don't be surprised, because yearly salary is $5.000-8.000 in Mid-Tier Counties

or $2.000-5.000 in the lowest tier.

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First, you need to find some balls. Those you can't buy.

Once you got them, and once you decide to resist, almost certainly - you will not need guns.

However, if you buy all the guns, but forget the balls - guns will not going to save you, because not a single one will be used.

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And Brisket!

The best thing I've found in 'Murica, BRISKET: grill, followed by 6 hours at 315 F

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I came to America in 2021.

I offered my time, efforts and knowledge to 50 GOPs in various counties - 0 positive responses

I sent email to 50 churches, asked for any job - got 1 answer, the negative one

I knew that we the people were alone

by KAGwave
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The problem is that "real France, Germany, Greece"... exists only in - uncharted villages.

I used to live in Northern France, from 2015-2020 (sort of) and my favorite activity was to get on my bicycle or even a car and just - drive as my eyes are guiding me towards something nice.

Only in those uncharted places with no sounding names I was able to find true, proud French people, old WWI cemeteries, gigantic craters (now ponds), scars of previous times and random people worth spending time with.

Large towns are all the same: Arab ghetto, some old buildings, miserable people, schools with walls taller than prison walls.

I don't think that Europe will ever be the same after the migrant flood.

East was spared, for now, but it is still tainted from 50 years of communism.

America is the lighthouse for the entire world.

Without strong America, Civilization can't stand.

Russia is cute, I like cheering for them when they play sports (Slavic brothers), China is making cheap crap, but the America was the example of the best world imaginable.

I can guarantee that millions of freedom loving people of all ethnicities were "shell-shocked" in November of 2020.

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There is a YT channel, Chubby Emu or something like that, about people who put themselves to ER by doing something bizzare

by KAGwave
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As a European, I don't see that West European national countries exist anymore.

France is not protecting French interests

Germany is not...


Britain, Netherlands, Belgium...

Some 30 years, all the soldiers had the same oath:

"I will defend the constitution, territory and integrity..."

2010's - open the borders, let them in!

Madness and suicide

by KAGwave
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Serb here. We had our dark period, we had Milosevic.

Corrupt Government came from corrupt - people.

And, unfortunately, they are not innocent, because they were either supporting that evil, or they have not confronted the evil.

Ukrainian people - do deserve this

My Serbs have deserved the 90's

And you, Americans - do deserve 2020's.

I'm not happy because of that, but you can see the videos, showing ethnic Ukrainians, shelled by Ukrainians - cheering for Ukraine, while living in the village without running water and without asphalt.

It's not patriotism, it's primordial stupidity.

(*the same was true for my own nation)

Or, you can see Black Criminals, supporting Black Criminal, and doing crimes while rioting, demanding socialism, instead of embracing Sowell

by KAGwave
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"Helping" Ukraine like this is producing nothing but more dead Ukrainians.

For 8 years, people from their own territory - don't want to live in Ukraine.

Once "occupied", hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians took Russian passport - why?

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Molecular biologist here, and my wife is of the same profession.

Rule of thumb: don't eat stupid stuff and if something is evolutionary imbedded in your instincts don't do the opposite


  • parasites, like that Australian idiot who ate a snail, and became a plant himself

  • weird proteins a.k.a. prions. Don't feed cows with the brains of other cows, for fuck sake. Also, don't eat brains of death people, Jesus Christ

This can be easily true.

Nobody before you was stupid enough to eat insects regularly and nobody knows what could happen.

You have 1 life and you should not experiment on yourself

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As Democrats are running mining industry since the war in 1999, of course they will protect their gains

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Unlike you, civilized Europeans, who gave your countries to Arabs, and unlike you, civilized Americans, who gave your country to Communists and Woke Mob(s)

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