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If you want to buy from small businesses go to your local businesses. Supporting Amazon is ultimately wiping out small businesses.

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Most of the products on Amazon are made in China. The CCP probably consider him their best allie. Why wouldn't they?

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It could even start as just a website that allows only made in the USA sellers like eBay for made in USA brands. Then expand to website and warehouse and gradually increase to distribution centers etc. I've looked and haven't found any site that offers a wide range of made in the USA products with a solid website.

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Same hear. I sadly voted for Gary Johnson in 2016.

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Point taken. I will take screenshots with my computer in the future. Just so you know, the woman Johnson is discussing BLM with is their candidate in 2020. Not Johnson.

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No. He isn't a bad person. He is just a dumb person that has no idea what is going on. He probably doesn't even know the Deep State exists.

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I even watched and loved the debate with Hillary where he said "Because you'd be in jail." He had all Bill Clinton's rape victims there. How did I not get it then? I don't know.

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Thanks! I'm glad to be on the Trump train. I thought Trump was Deep State in 2016. Boy was I wrong.

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Don Lemon will be the last person to be red pilled. It's crazy that this is what he sounded like just 7 years ago.

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We will, we will, rock you (commies)!