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We said the same about the GA runoffs, CA recall, and now this. Same shit over and over. All eyes on it means nothing

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Texas is still within a few hundred thousand votes of flipping blue. Matter of time until they get a dem senator

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People in California are crazy enough they always vote for increases

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Hi anaconda

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I've never been stickied, but 3 separate times someone posted the same thing as me after me and got the sticky

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It's unlikely Republicans are holding any state. Every red state is getting droves of CA and NY people, so the whole country will be blue soon

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Georgia and Florida are getting fucked too. Also Texas

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You see the thing is, they announced the mandates and the vast majority of companies immediately caved. Then it turns out the mandates are unenforceable, but the damage has already been done

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They did this in Washington and it magically permanently turned blue, all while lefties claim it's proof mail balloting works

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What's it called when we keep doing the same thing expecting a different result?

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