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Stolen yet again

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None of this matters though, they'll just steal the presidential race

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They have permanently stolen Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. It's time to accept that America is no longer

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They stole nevada. Huge dumps coming in from Clark County

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Abortion actually did get massive turnout. And it's pretty clear that the republican position on abortion isn't popular with about 65% of the electorate... Many republican women voted yes.

Scotus screwed us with the timing. Dems wouldn't have won without abortion on the ballot

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A lot of Republicans I know are saying Trump's announcement will basically lock up the runoff for Warnock. They're saying the election yesterday shows Trump is not popular anymore

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It is time to mass secede. Last night's results proved this. Secede or we will be getting in the boxcar

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I agree with you on everything but collapse. How are they going to collapse the country? They're going to soak in their power and control us, but I don't see a collapse. And we certainly aren't gonna fight back

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Goal is Florida. Georgia is extremely fucked

UpTrump 7 points ago +8 / -1

It is who Michigan is. I'm getting out asap

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Betting odds are decreasing for R's to take the house. They might steal that too

UpTrump 24 points ago +25 / -1

America is dead. Too many retards. Only way to fix this is to start over or only allow net positive taxpayers to vote (not happening). No place left on earth to go. I'll live the rest of my life as a slave to the government I guess

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