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They also painted George Floyd as Jesus but Trump supporters are the cult. Right.

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The McCloskeys led a huge group of people to oppose the St Louis city council's vote to impose mask mandates. When they voted no, they tried to quietly ban indoor gatherings in the city to keep people from showing up to their next meeting where they again tried to impose mask mandates. It didn't work.

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The stock was up 11% this morning when he announced he was resigning and the S&P stopped people from buying or selling. Then it immediately went negative with the announcement of the new CEO. Currently sitting at -2%.

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Chevy is a cuck but Griswold is based.

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I lasted 3 days during the NPC uprising. And I miss the parody account of general soleimani.

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And if you realize what's happening and call him out the racist narrative is used against you.

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Biden handed out some turkey at Ft Bragg yesterday. It's basically better than what Trump ever did for our troops. They also thanked Biden for forcing them to vaccinate. /s

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FBI evidence is always a schrodingers box of bullshit. They're holding the box up and saying this is our evidence, but there's nothing inside and won't let anyone see it. Just believe it exists. Schiff and the main stream media do this shit all the time.

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That's the key. They try to ignore something and it always backfires on them.

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This was worse than Charlottesville and they're trying to throw a lid on it? Don't let them. We kept up pressure on Cuomo and the nursing home data is finally getting released next week.

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I got to visit Paris and London in 2012. My credit card information was stolen by the hostel I stayed at in London and I got harassed by gang of gypsies while 5 kids tried rummaging through my pockets at the Eiffel Tower. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. But I would recommend visiting Bath in the UK.

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Thanks MODS! Especially the ones who salvaged the site from that fat fuck who shut down donald.win

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Clown. Fucking. World.

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