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Now further it and look at the Sentencing Project for Black-White disparity and see which states lock up far more blacks than whites (hint, blue), then check out Census home tenancy data for which states have higher black home ownership (hint, red).

The narrative control is strong.

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boomers here are joking

shitskin Mexican losers

hope Patriot Front is our solution

This is how we know you glow.

You need the elders on your side. The invasion is primarily non-Mexican even if it passes through Mexico you unironic racist. And are you seriously hoping a group marching on DC with a faggoty ass name is your solution?

Go suck on your deputy director's dick until he gets bored with you again.

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Am from Oregon. This is correct. Right now there is an emergency which lets OR-OSHA require them but technically the emergency is expired/expiring. OR-OSHA wants to have the regulatory ability to require them without an emergency.

Of course, the Oregon Supreme Court has already granted wuflu exceptions to emergency sunsets so OR-OSHA is probably going to get their way.

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I don't really trust this maxim anymore. There are plenty we are not allowed to criticize far removed from the power structure.

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I actually thought this was understood. The NIH and HHS were specifically part of Operation Warp Speed, with Pfizer being an "approved competitor" to the government funded Moderna. Maybe the importance of it became memory-holed but I distinctly remember discussing this with my little brother nearly a year ago.

Your government having a vested interest in selling a product really stood out to me as being something governments might try to pull and therefore specifically disallowed from doing so.

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Pfft a quick search puts this to rest. Graphene hydroxide resonance is studied at the 0.5 - 40 GHz range, with accurate retransmission of signal data between 30 and 40 GHz.

Common 5g works with frequencies .45 - 52 GHz.

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I guess they mean that they would have to doxx two people?

I know having joint assets in some states makes some liens more difficult to obtain, but I can't see how this protects one from doxxing.

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Fun fact Rush Limbaugh had Elton John perform at his wedding. They were friends.

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It's called the Fencing Posture. When you have suffered significant injury to the brain your arms try to "defend you" and make you look more opposing.

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I dunno, man. Bloomberg is a player, he would have known the game was rigged from the start. Most of that money was towards generic anti-Trump ads that played every single commercial break CATV could come up with.

Then when Bloomer, Bernie, and Bootygig were collectively kicking Bite-me's hairy legs all over New England he decides to just quit, but continue to fund those same generic ads?

I may be wrong but he did what he was tapped to do, which is launder money to the DNC (and ultimately towards Biden's campaign).

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Bloomberg had no intent on winning. He took advantage of a campaigning loophole to transfer $18 million to the DNC back when it was nearly $8 million in the red. Until Bloomberg joined the race the DNC was flat broke.

His accidental popularity needed to be muzzled, hence why every single dem candidate attacked the living fuck out of him in the debate. Then he tucks off on March 4th (a very important day in china virus history) and endorses Brandon.

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You know, there was probably a time when feds would have to infiltrate gay bars. Like, penetrate the scene, so to speak.

But the transparent gif is there. Don't let your memes be dreams.

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I thought works of the government were in the public domain?

EDIT: Just double-checked. Using the CDC logo in such a manner would be unlawful.

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Oooh I couldn't put my finger on what I was thinking but when you said "vaccine subscription" it all clicked.

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Then he goes on to mention to the President he's running for governor. This fucking prick is fishing for an endorsement. GEOTUS should tell him to pound 20-grit sand.

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