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One country, with access to every other countries weapons... Sounds like a one world order to me.

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These CDC reports are sounding more and more like ransom demands.

"We have made a more viral and dangerous virus and we will be giving you only way to fend it off,.. and of course, we will make money from it... And it reduces the population to a more manageable and docile society."

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I think the Kenosha kid should hit the road... Maybe visit some, Tesla Dealerships.

I hear there may be some people there in need of "medical attention". That's a reference to the purple gloves

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I thought the Whitehouse had protections against such things.

You mean... All this time I've been lied to? And... And this is just some security theatre?

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Well now we know it's rigged.

Hillary is involved.

Somebody somewhere... Is about to commit suicide.

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What repercussions will the Judge Kenneth Hoyt face for his erroneous contempt charges?

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The assailant might be black.

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meanwhile the guys is just gonna sit there and do nothing else?

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Ah... sloppy pussy... gotcha...

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Don't know... don't care... the jokes make themselves.

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Hochul makes a good point... printing money for the FED is a waste power and an environmental concern... Anyone moving Cash in armored vehicles, banks storing cash or keeping a ledger on what people currently have in their bank accounts is a complete waste of money and hurts the environment.

Furthermore, the IRS is a waste of time money and harms the environment and must be dissolved.

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Let me fill in the censored part...

His name WAS Andre Marcus Bing, and from the photos provided, hes black.

And my Gaydar says he may be of the alphabet mental disease group (AMDG's)

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"Weak Pound"

Limp Dick Mother Fucker!


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Minimum Wage should be indentured servitude.

I should get paid for other people working... wait a minute...

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I think we are up to two mass shooters who identify as something they are not.

This sounds like some kind of psychosis or psychological disorder...

Maybe the Alphabet community should be banned from owning firearms.

Mentally unstable people are already banned from purchasing a weapon.

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He should make a tv series call "found at twitter".

As big as that place is and as many people as they had doing everything, I wouldn't be surprised if they find a masturbation room or two.

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The president openly endorsed theft and the deliquency of a minor on national television.

This sick freak needs to be in a retirement home!

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Gun owners don't have a "color"... Unless it's gunmetal.

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If birthrates are down amongst whites... Why not give the white people tax deductions for having children?

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